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WhatsApp is always testing new features to attract and retain new users of the platform, in addition to meeting the demands of traditional customers. One of the latest updates, perhaps the most recent, has to do with the homepage layout. Icon position is different within the application.

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WhatsApp changes layout on its platform

One of the changes that can be observed within the messenger is the position of the camera button, previously located in the center of the toolbar. Now, instead of being at the bottom of the screen, the camera can be seen in the upper right corner, right next to the button to start a new conversation. It is worth noting that for some time now the Whatsapp invests in ways to facilitate the use of the camera within the app.

Image: Playback/WABetaInfo

This change is also related to the new Communities feature, which should be located on the bottom bar. This means that the new feature will “steal” the old place of the camera icon within WhatsApp.

Changes are still in the testing phase within the app

Information about recent changes to the messaging platform was released by the specialist website WABetaInfo. It is a portal that always looks for information about what can be found in the beta version of the software, that is: in the testing phase.

The Communities feature is still being developed and can only be noticed by programmers within the beta version of Whatsapp. In fact, this new tool can only be launched in Brazilian territory after the 2022 Elections. This is due to an agreement with the Federal Public Ministry.

However, in other countries of the world it is already possible to test the new communities, which will attract up to 10 different groups in the same place. This will facilitate the socialization of users and the internal organization of all conversations carried out within WhatsApp.

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