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Atlético-MG has the search for a spot in Libertadores 2023 as the ultimate mission for a season that will be marked by eliminations in the Cups, even though it has been champion of Minas Gerais and the Supercup. A bad phase in the Brazilian, undeniable, only in seventh place. What happened?

The VP of the Council and member of the collegiate body of Galo, Rafael Menin, was asked about the situation and outlined his analysis. He affirmed the management’s effort to keep salaries up to date, to provide ideal conditions for athletes – such as charter flights – and the seriousness of the squad. But he admits: “We’re sad, it’s not cool.”

Atlético left the Copa do Brasil for Flamengo, in the round of 16. And then, he said goodbye to Libertadores when he faced Palmeiras in the quarterfinals. Menin pointed out that the crosses got in the way, as Galo found its main national opponents in previous phases.

– This year, in fact, the performance is below what we expected. We don’t imagine that happening. We took a bad crossing with Flamengo and Palmeiras. We were better in the two games against Palmeiras, we could have passed. We were better than Flamengo on the way out, and very badly on the way back. There’s no silver bullet. In the Brazilian, bad use. It is not understandable – said the businessman, in an interview with the program “Hoje tem Galo” on Youtube.

Atlético-MG players: team is seventh in the Brazilian – Photo: Pedro Souza/CAM

Other factors cited by Rafael Menin account for moments in which Atlético’s squad was weakened. Whether with the departure of parts – Savarino, Dylan, Tchê Tchê – at a time when the hiring window in Brazil was closed. He remembered the refereeing errors against Galo in the first round of the Brazilian, and injuries suffered by protagonists.

“Bora de Brasileirão! The biggest offer of games for a price that gives game. Sign the Premiere!”

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– There was a mismatch between the entry and exit of athletes, which affected a little. But there was a need to sell, there was no escape. And we had injuries, and other call-ups. We got to act in some games with a small cast. And we had bad refereeing against Atlético at the beginning of the championship, when I think the team was at a higher level – he added.

“We are sad. What we said last year happened. We cannot guarantee titles. But we will always seek to assemble squads that are protagonists to fight equally between the three, four best squads”

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