Atltico still has Hulk, Kardec, Zaracho and Otvio as debts to Ava

Hulk recovers from an injury
photo: Pedro Souza/Atltico

Hulk recovers from left calf injury to strengthen Atlético

This Wednesday morning (9/14), in Cidade do Galo, Atltico ended another day of preparation for the confrontation against Ava, for Serie A of the Brazilian Championship. Alvinegro still has Hulk, Alan Kardec, Zaracho and Otvio as doubts. See, in the gallery below, the main photos of the activities.

Atltico training to face Ava (14/9)

Of the names mentioned, midfielder Zaracho and strikers Alan Kardec (low back pain) and Hulk (left calf injury) are the closest to a comeback. The shirt 14 does not appear in the images released by Atltico this Wednesday, but the shirt 7 was recorded during specific activities on the field, wearing boots, with physical therapist Guilherme Fialho.

In other photos, you can see Zaracho and Otvio (injury to the adductor of the right thigh), a duo of midfielders, running on one of the fields of Cidade do Galo. It should be noted that the Argentinian is not injured, but is undergoing a special muscle strengthening regimen. He felt an old discomfort in the draw with RB Bragantino, last Wednesday (7/9), and had to be substituted at halftime.

With the quartet still in debt, Atltico have three casualties until 2023. Defender Igor Rabello, left-back Guilherme Arana and attacking midfielder Pedrinho are recovering from serious injuries in the medical department of the Minas Gerais club.

Therefore, a probable lineup for Rooster to face Ava counts on Everson; Guga (Mariano), Nathan Silva, Junior Alonso and Dod (Rubens); Allan, Jair and Nacho Fernndez (Zaracho); Ademir, Keno and Sasha (Hulk).

The teams face each other at 4:30 pm on Saturday (17/9), at Ressacada, in Florianpolis, for the 27th round of the Brazilian Championship. Atltico is in 7th place in the table, with 40 points, and is three behind Athletico-PR, the first club in the G6.

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