“Beating guys is already a birth”; Marcos leaves the club and ‘crumples’ Cicinho after Flamengo’s victory


Ídolo do Palmeiras took advantage of the elimination to make a publication aimed at the former São Paulo player

Photo: Marcello Zambrana/AGIF - Marcos provoked Cicinho.
Photo: Marcello Zambrana/AGIF – Marcos provoked Cicinho.

After having already achieved a result in Morumbi, the Flamengo could even lose by 1 goal difference that would be able to advance in the Copa do Brasil, but with a great goal from Arrascaeta, they won again São Paulo and now awaits the definition between Fluminense and Corinthians. The team led by Dorival Júnior did not suffer any scares and could even have achieved a more elastic score.

As a result of the elimination of Tricolor, Framesidol of Palmeiras, did not miss the opportunity to publish on his social network, provoking cicinhowho is very identified with the paulistas: “Ciço is off line! It’s a friend of São Paulino, the mission was too difficult, beating the guys is already a pain and still having to reverse the difference of 2 goals inside Maraca….sé loko!”wrote the former goalkeeper.

After the final whistle, Cicinho went against the opinion of many when analyzing the game: São Paulo crushed Flamengo again. I don’t care if Flamengo played in the back, if they played for money, if they put their foot on the brakes… If they did that, it’s because São Paulo attacked. Flamengo thought they were going to score a goal whenever they wanted, and it wasn’t like that”started, completing:

“São Paulo played equally. You, a Flamengo fan, don’t come up with this little story that ‘Flamengo played for money’, you played nothing. Flamengo demonstrates in these matches against São Paulo and Corinthians that, when they are attacked, they also feel very difficult. Counterattack doesn’t turn into a goal every time. Flamengo should take care of itself, because São Paulo is showing its weaknesses”continued.

It is worth remembering that the former side had given a controversial statement: São Paulo will crush Flamengo inside the Maracanã. It will be 2-0 and São Paulo will qualify on penalties. São Paulo already crushed Flamengo at Morumbi and will crush it at Maracanã. Flamengo found 3 goals (in the first game)”, Cicinho said on “Arena SBT”, last Monday (12).

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