Brazilian networks sell tickets at R$10

As of this Thursday (15th), the Film Week. The action is organized by Feneec (National Federation of Film Exhibiting Companies)and aims to attract viewers who stopped attending movie theaters after the covid-19 pandemic.

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During the collective campaign, several Brazilian networks in the segment will sell tickets at the promotional price of BRL 10. The action will cover sessions in the 2D and 3D rooms, in addition to the Macro XE rooms (which have larger screens and high-powered sound).

Promotion is a trend that is already taking place in other countries. In the United States, for example, the National Cinema Day, on the 3rd of September. At the time, tickets cost US$3. On the same day, the United Kingdom hosted the same campaign, promoting sessions with tickets worth £3.

Cinema Week: which industry networks are involved?

The Cinema Week will be embraced by the main exhibition networks in Brazil, namely: cinemark, cinepolis, ICU, cinesystem, CNG, cineart, arteplex, moviecom, Itaú Cinemas and more.

In addition to the R$10 tickets, most chains will also offer popcorn and soda promotional combos for visitors.

The Film Week will take place from this Thursday, september 15thuntil the day September 21st. To find out more information about promotions, search social networks and websites your local cinema network – as each one has its own particularities.

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