Brazil’s position in the ranking surprises

A global ranking is indicating which is the best country to retire to these days. The survey considers factors such as health, well-being, income, security and quality of life as a whole. See what position Brazil is in and where to live is the best place to stay when you reach your third and best age.

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Data was analyzed by Natixix Investment Managers. Brazil appears in 43rd place out of a total of 44 surveyed economies. The bad result for the country is the result of inflation high, as well as the safety and expenses of Brazilians with essential products and services, such as basic electricity.

Best country to retire

In the total of the 44 countries analyzed, Norway occupies the top of the table. According to research, it is the best place to retire and enjoy the rest of your life, as the country is better prepared for the aging of its population.

Brazil is at the other end of the list, that is, in the penultimate place. The country is in the 43rd position. The reason for this is the soaring inflation, as well as the price paid for food, housing and the high rates of violence.

That ranking from Natixix Investment Managers considers developed countries and members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), as well as emerging BRICS countries, which include Brazil, Russia, India and China. Currently our country only beats India.

In other words, those who retire and live in the country suffer much more from the effects of inflation and the fall in purchasing power. The survey pointed out that 2022 was one of the worst years in recent history for the retirement.

Check out the complete ranking and see where people should live in old age:

  1. Norway;
  2. Switzerland;
  3. Iceland;
  4. Ireland;
  5. Australia;
  6. New Zealand;
  7. Luxembourg;
  8. Netherlands;
  9. Denmark;
  10. Czech republic;
  11. Germany;
  12. Finland;
  13. Sweden;
  14. Austria;
  15. Canada;
  16. Israel;
  17. South Korea;
  18. United States;
  19. UK;
  20. Belgium;
  21. Slovenia;
  22. Japan;
  23. Malta;
  24. France;
  25. Estonia;
  26. Poland;
  27. Singapore;
  28. Portugal;
  29. Cyprus;
  30. Slovakia;
  31. Italy;
  32. Hungary;
  33. Lithuania;
  34. Chile;
  35. Latvia;
  36. Mexico;
  37. Russia;
  38. Spain;
  39. China;
  40. Greece;
  41. Turkey;
  42. Colombia;
  43. Brazil;
  44. India.

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