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+ X-ray of the decision: Corinthians and Fluminense duel for a spot in the final

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In the last ten years, the tricolor goalkeeper has a superior record in defenses in charges. In all, there were 107 penalties against Fábio, with 23 saves and an advantage of 21.5%. There were 73 goals and 11 penalties wasted by the collectors out or on the post.

Also recognized as a “penalty taker”, Cássio has accumulated a total of 136 charges against his goal since 2012, his first year defending the colors of Corinthians. the goalkeeper defended 24 times – an advantage of 17.6% of penalties. In addition to these, there were another 98 penalties that ended in a goal and 14 that were on the beam or out.

Fluminense in São Paulo: check information for the game against Corinthians

Fluminense in São Paulo: check information for the game against Corinthians

Review of penalty shootouts

When it comes to playoffs, both Cássio and Fábio played decisive roles in the historic titles and rankings of their respective teams. The Corinthians archer was present in 15 penalty shootouts in the last ten years, with ten classifications and five eliminations. In all, there were 16 saves in these moments.

In the finals, Cássio has in his curriculum the defense of Lucas Lima’s charge in the classic against Palmeiras, in the decisive game of Paulistão in 2018, which ended with the Corinthians title. In 2022, the goalkeeper also helped in the team’s classification against Boca Juniors, for the round of 16 of the Libertadores, by defending the penalties of Villa and Juan Ramírez.

Cássio saves Villa’s penalty in Boca x Corinthians, for Libertadores 2022 – Photo: Conmebol

Cassio’s penalty shootout rankings in the last ten years

2013-PaulistaSingle game semifinalSao Paulo 0 (3 x 4) 0 Corinthians
2017-Brazil CupSecond phase-single gameBrusque 0 (4 x 5) 0 Corinthians
2018-Paulistasemifinal roundCorinthians 1 (5 x 4) 0 Sao Paulo
2018-Paulistaend-roundPalmeiras 0 (3 x 4) 1 Corinthians
2019-South Americanfirst round-phaseRacing 1 (4 x 5) 1 Corinthians
2019-PaulistaQuarter FinalsCorinthians 1 (4 x 3) 1 Railway
2019-Paulistasemifinal roundSantos 1 (6 x 7) 0 Corinthians
2021-Brazil CupSecond phase-single gameCorinthians 1 (5 x 3) 1 Retro
2022-PaulistaSingle-game quarter-finalsCorinthians 1 (7 x 6) 1 Guarani
2022-LiberatorsRound of octavesBoca Juniors 0 (5 x 6) 0 Corinthians

Since 2012, Fábio has participated in nine penalty shootouts, with six classifications and three eliminations. The goalkeeper made ten saves, including one by Diego Ribas, in the 2017 Copa do Brasil final against Flamengo, which guaranteed the fifth championship of the tournament for the Minas Gerais team.

On his resume, Fábio has an impeccable performance against Santos in the quarterfinals of the 2018 Copa do Brasil, when he would still be crowned champion. On the occasion, the Fox had the shine of the idol. The goalkeeper caught all three Santos kicks: from Bruno Henrique, Rodrygo and Jean Mota. Cruzeiro converted its three, with Lucas Silva, Raniel and David, and got the spot for the semifinals.

Fábio’s rankings in penalty shootouts

2015-LiberatorsRound of octavesCruise 1 (4 x 3) 0 Sao Paulo
2017-Brazil Cupsemifinal roundCruzeiro 1 (3 x 2) 0 Gremio
2017-Brazil Cupend-roundCruzeiro 0 (5 x 3) 0 Flamengo
2018-Brazil CupQuarter FinalsCruzeiro 1 (3 x 0) 2 Santos
2019-Brazil CupRound of octavesCruzeiro 2 (3 x 1) 2 Fluminense
2020-Brazil CupSecond phase-single gameBoa Esporte 1 (4 x 5) 1 Cruise

Fabio saved the penalty that guaranteed the title of the Copa do Brasil for Cruzeiro, in 2017 – Photo: André Durão

With the decision-making power of the two experienced goalkeepers, the duel between Corinthians and Fluminense is open. If the teams tie again, the definition of who goes to the final will be by alternate disputes. The decisive match takes place this Thursday, at 8 pm, at Neo Química Arena.

Who would you choose in André's place against Corinthians?  See fan response

Who would you choose in André’s place against Corinthians? See fan response

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