Cristina Kirchner: New evidence points to group action – 09/14/2022 – World

The investigation into the attack by a Brazilian on Argentina’s vice president, Cristina Kirchner, has gained new chapters that could change the main line of investigation into the case.

This Wednesday (14), the police took the testimony of Agustina Díaz, 21, a friend of the aggressor’s girlfriend, who was arrested on Tuesday (13), and arrested the fourth suspect involved in the action. Gabriel Carrizo would be the owner of a cotton candy cart that was seen the nights before the crime on the corner of Cristina’s house.

The place, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Recoleta, had been a hotspot for demonstrations since a prosecutor presented a request for 12 years in prison for the politician, in a case in which she is accused of corruption.

The statements by Díaz, according to the police, could change the central line of investigation, which had Fernando Andrés Sabag Montiel, 35, as the main suspect and executor of the plan to kill the former president. In this way, his girlfriend, Brenda Uliarte, 23, would at best be an accomplice.

On the night of the 1st, Sabag approached less than a meter from the vice president, who was greeting supporters as she arrived home, and pointed a gun at her face. The attack was unsuccessful as both attempts to fire failed, although the Bersa 32 caliber was loaded with five bullets.

In the days following the action, the question arose as to whether or not the man knew how to handle the pistol, but a video released last Sunday (11), which was on the memory card of his cell phone, shows him handling the weapon, loading the bullets. and simulating the shots.

In his testimony, Díaz confirmed the veracity of messages exchanged between her and Sabag’s girlfriend that point to the possibility that Uliarte was the mastermind behind the crime.

In one of them, Uliarte says: “Today I will become San Martín [herói da independência argentina], I will have Cristina killed. I got tired that we just talk and talk and do nothing. I, yes, will. The spirit of San Martín entered my body.” In others, he talks about taking Molotov cocktails and weapons to the square where Sabag, Díaz and Gabriel Carrizo were.

The latter was the owner of the cotton candy cart, which, according to images prior to the day of the attack, was always close to Cristina’s house. For the police, this was a strategy for the group to blend in with the crowd, without attracting attention, so they could monitor the situation and choose the best time for Sabag to finally approach the vice president.

The conversation between the two friends, which still suggests some kind of intimate involvement, goes back a long way. The plan to kill Cristina, according to the messages revealed, would have taken shape on August 23, the day after the presentation of the request for Cristina’s arrest by prosecutor Diego Luciani. That night, a point of protest and support was set up around the former president’s building, day and night.

The scene in the region became especially confused after the city’s police, led by the opposition to President Alberto Fernández, left the scene after clashes with Kirchnerist protesters.

The group led by Uliarte would have tried to attack Cristina for the first time on the 27th, without success. The message exchange then discusses alternatives and the possibility of using other weapons.

To Justice Díaz declared that Uliarte was not politicized until recently, but that she had been obsessed. “We need to get into action right away,” she said. The friend also claimed that she asked Sabag’s girlfriend if she had paid the person she had tasked with Cristina’s mission and that she received a denial in response. “No, he’s going to do it because he’s also very angry about what’s happening. I swear to you she’s going to die. I’m crazy that she keeps stealing and goes unpunished.”

Díaz pleaded not guilty, saying he never participated in the plan. “Brenda has always been a very fanciful person, very manipulative, very liar. I swear I didn’t believe she would go from fantasy to reality in this case,” he said, according to the Argentine press.

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