Delete now! Apps that put your Android device at risk the most

You have probably already performed several downloads on your cell phone, from the most secure social networks to generic applications. The big problem with the Android system is related to its inability to filter out all the developers that make digital tools available.

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On the one hand, this increases the range of useful functionality, but it still raises the risks involving privacy.

Note the condition terms

Before confirming the installation of any program on your smartphone, remember to read what permissions will be requested. For example, accessing the gallery, media, settings, etc. If the rules have not been clarified enough, please do not continue downloading the app, as your information may be shared in an unrestricted manner.

Beware of Financial Scams

The biggest risk in this case is falling into a financial scam, as there are many financial transactions carried out on the internet. Banking apps are of great interest to scammers. The only alternative to prevent these attacks is to be careful with the installations carried out, so prioritize checking all the descriptions available on the Play Store.

security reports

Seeking to promote digital awareness, the Google and other technology companies issue numerous alerts. When identifying any irregularity, they disclose the names of applications that can be harmful. In this sense, do not contradict any guidance that indicates deleting apps, updating the operating system and other changes.

If you have any of the apps below, delete them immediately:

  • Call Recorder.
  • Rooster VPN.
  • Super Cleaner – hyper & smart.
  • Document Scanner – PDF Creator.
  • Universal Saver Pro.
  • Eagle photo editor.
  • Call recorder pro+.
  • Extra Cleaner.
  • Crypto Utils.
  • FixCleaner.
  • Just In: Video Motion.
  • Lucky Cleaner.
  • Simple Cleaner.
  • Unicc QR Scanner.
  • Document Scanner Pro.
  • Conquer Darkness.

These features don’t seem to arouse suspicion, because they are presented as antivirus, document scanner and converters. Just because an app works normally doesn’t mean that its actions are risk-free.

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