Fazenda 14: Pétala Barreiros throws object in Tiago Ramos’ face, apologizes and netizens do not forgive: “Deserves to be expelled”

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Pétala Barros hit Tiago Ramos on the other side of the bed

Pétala Barreiros threw an object in the face of Thiago Ramos
© Reproduction/Instagram/@petalagbPétala Barreiros threw an object in the face of Thiago Ramos

Barreiros petal is one of the great names that integrate the cast of “The Farm 14”. The influencer gained notoriety after the legal battle she faces with her ex-husband, Marcos Araújocurrent partner Lívia Andrade. This Wednesday (14), the name of the content creator became trending after an accident within the confinement.

It so happens that this morning, Petal was playing with body moisturizer when he decided to toss it in another area of ​​the bed. Turns out she didn’t realize that the model was lying there. Tiago Ramos and the object hit the boy’s face. The action was obviously unreasonable, but it was enough for some netizens to ask for the expulsion of the girl.

The guy hit her hand in a dynamic and she wanted expulsion, and now in Petaldo you deserve to be expelled too”, mocked one user. “There are people asking for the expulsion of the petal now, by faith lol I know that if it were the opposite they would ask for the expulsion of the male “said another. So far, Record has not commented on the worker’s attitude.

The people asking for expulsion from the petal Why did she throw the cream at Tiago? Lol a no vey, they’re going to ruin another reality”, explained one. “People, calm down, it was unintentionally little bottle that Petal hit the Tiago. They don’t need to appeal asking for expulsion from Peoa… the program has barely started” said another.

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