Filipe Luís reveals that he was stopped when he tried to give Flamengo shirt to Guns in Goiás and jokes: “It was sad” | Flamengo

Born in the 80s and with long hair, Filipe Luís has been successful in football for a long time. At Maracanã, in the 1-0 over São Paulo, he gave his potential one more encore. Like Axl Rose, lead singer of one of his favorite bands, he lifted the red-black audience with sharp advances, as in the pen in Galoppo, and knew how to hold the rhythm when necessary so as not to wear himself out for nothing.

Running from one side to the other, on stages or in the fields, is no longer for both.

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But, if he passed the Argentine with ease, he didn’t have the same respite when trying to gift Guns and Roses with a Flamengo shirt last Saturday, when the team and band were staying at the same hotel, on Avenida B.

He stopped at a security guard’s appointment, and, with a smile on his face, lamented:

– I didn’t find Axl Rose. We agreed to take a Flamengo shirt, but the American security stopped us. It was sad (laughs), but it’s ok.

Filipe Luís, from Flamengo, with the Guns and Roses shirt at the band’s show on the 8th and next to his wife and the singer of Måneskin — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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Filipe went to the Guns show at Rock in Rio, on the 8th, and approved the performance of Axl, Slash, Duff McKagan and company.

– I saw it up close. I liked the show here, come very close, there in front of the stage. For those who like it, who listened since I was little – I listened to Green Day more than Guns – but it’s an event that we have to enjoy. I only went for two days, but it was wonderful.

Just like the sixty-year-old Guns Axl Rose, Filipe Luís seems endless at 37 years old and is also successful with the younger ones. When giving an interview to TV Globo, João Gomes and Thiago Maia, 21 and 25 respectively, shouted: “Renova, renew, renew!”.

Filipe Luís, in the mixed zone of Flamengo x São Paulo — Photo: Nathalia Movilla

Filipe Luís celebrates the final of the Copa do Brasil: “It is not easy to reach the finals every year”

Filipe Luís celebrates the final of the Copa do Brasil: “It is not easy to reach the finals every year”

Asked if the renewal is already discussed, he said:

– I speak from the bottom of my heart: I feel very good, at home, with these players who are here today and with what they convey to me. The only thing that crosses my mind right now is Fluminense. Nothing more.

– I can’t think about three or four months from now. I have to think week by week. When the season is over, with more than 800 professional games, the decision will be very easy and very relaxed. It will be done in the best way. For now, I can only think about Fluminense. Sunday at 16:00,” he said.

Best moments: Flamengo 1 x 0 São Paulo, for the semifinal of the Copa do Brasil 2022

Best moments: Flamengo 1 x 0 São Paulo, for the semifinal of the Copa do Brasil 2022

Filipe also made a point of clarifying what he meant at the beginning of the year when he stated that there was no chemistry between the cast and Paulo Sousa. According to him, the criticism did not have to do with the relationship, but with the lack of fit in the field.

– The question is important because I was misinterpreted, in my view. The lack of chemistry was in the system, not with the coach, it was between the players. What is it? When the ball arrives on a touchline, he has to be clear about all the passing lines he can have. This I was feeling that we didn’t have. It was a new system, and we had to learn, but we couldn’t find each other.

– I couldn’t find Arrascaeta in his best position and neither could he find me. He and Everton Ribeiro, who are players who need to have the ball, they need to guide the game. With a steering wheel in hand and stepping on the accelerator and brake, they command the team. I said they lacked chemistry, they couldn’t get the ball in the best position.

Chemistry reappeared with Dorival. On the field and off it. The team is happy, and Filipe Luís detailed this feeling.

– Today Yes. As much as it is also a different scheme than what we were playing, we fit in, we got it right. The victories, the games and the minutes gave us that. Of course, in this environment, Dorival managed to pull the players to his side, to his credit. He took a completely discredited team, which we are now paying the price for.

Despite the general speech of faith in the Brazilian championship, Filipe admits that Flamengo is far from Palmeiras. And he relates that to the very bad start to the competition.

– We are very far from Palmeiras, it is the reality, due to our bad start. I’ve always said that: national championships are how they start, then you go paddling and sometimes you don’t get to the end. He managed to rescue that spirit and now we are fine. But I repeat, it’s too fast to be good to be bad. So we have to continue in the same humility to continue well.

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Flamengo constantly seeking to increase the score

– This is something that we always demand between us. Sometimes we open 1 to 0 and stop. And a big team, whoever wears this shirt like Flamengo’s can’t stop. This is a crowd requirement. They don’t accept that players who wear this shirt stop. So that’s a motto that everyone who wears this shirt must have. Attack 1-0, 2-0, always for more. sometimes you have to have the malice to manage the outcome of the game. We’re doing it to perfection now. We grew up. I think this is essential. I think we’ve grown, this is a symptom of maturity that the team needed. You can’t just do 1 to 0.

Brazilian National Team and World Cup

– About the Selection: Arana’s injury is very sad, I experienced it in 2010, when I broke my leg, I missed the World Cup. It was a moment that I lost my world, I was left without ground. I couldn’t understand why this happened. A player of that level at Arana, practically guaranteed in the Cup, I was very sad. About Tite, if he wants me to be a wardrobe, in physiology, in analysis, I’m there.

– In 2019 it was my last game for the national team, in that locker room, when we were champions, I gave a speech, I talked about my age, I knew that a 34-year-old player in the national team was not easy. He knew that he might not be summoned anymore. You never say no to the Selection. It’s the pinnacle, the most a player can aspire to. It’s the best team in the world, it’s the favorite for the Cup. If he wants, in any sector, I am there for him.

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— Photo: Reproduction

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