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Xanddy explained that decision was made together

Xanddy explained that he will fulfill his concert schedule
© Playback/Instagram/@xandyXanddy explained that he will fulfill his concert schedule

End for another set of Brazilian music. On Wednesday night (14th), Xanddy confirmed the end of the group Harmony of Samba and announced that he will pursue a solo career. In the words of the vocalist, the decision was thought together with all the members of the band who decided that the end would be the best option.

Out of respect for our loyal fans/fans, our partners/contractors and friends who have accompanied us over these years and shared this dream with us, I inform you that from 10/01/2022 I will continue as ‘Xanddy Harmony,” he said in a statement posted on Instagram. The group collects hit tracks like “come baby” and “crouch”.

despite the end, Xanddy explained that he remains with the team and that the biggest formulation will only be in solo career status. “I make it clear that this is not the end, but the beginning of a new cycle for all of us. I will continue giving voice to our musical history and in this new journey, I will count on the support of my brother and musical director Mestre Bimba, as well as the entire band and team.“, he informed.

For reasons of the most diverse orders, some decision-making was necessary, this being the most difficult. We don’t want to leave room for speculation: the decision for this change was very thought out, matured and taken together“, Xanddy continued. “This is a new moment for all of us. O Harmony of Samba will remain alive in me. Our history is protected and, despite the changes, the team remains together and stands firm with our fans. I reiterate that to date, all concert commitments already contracted as Harmony of Samba, will be duly complied with. God bless us“, concluded the singer.

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