GPD Win 4 is a mini gaming PC with Ryzen 7 processor and 32 GB of RAM

O GPD Win 4 It’s a very peculiar device. It is a very powerful mini-PC gamer but with a PSP face. But make no mistake, this beauty here is equipped with a processor OMG Ryzen 7 6800U, up to 32GB RAM and up to 2TB SSD. Not to mention that it probably leaves the factory with Windows 11 installed.

It is worth remembering that Windows was not developed for portable devices, even more so for video game consoles. But that doesn’t mean he can’t play this role well. Also because there are thousands of games available for Windows. And when not playing, the user can watch videos, such as movies and series directly from their GPD Win 4.

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Technical specifications

GPD Win 4 has a very interesting technical sheet. For starters, the screen is 6 inches, 16:9 format and Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels). Unfortunately, the company did not make it clear which panel it used. But taking into account other company devices, such as the GPD XP Plusit is very likely to be IPS LCD.

The buttons to control the games are very reminiscent of the PSP. It has buttons on the right and left sides and on the upper ends. But remember: GPD Win 4 is a mini-PC and not a console. Therefore, it also has a physical keyboard that is revealed by swiping the screen up.

As for the hardware, the device is equipped with a processor AMD Ryzen 7 6800U, 16GB or 32GB of RAM memory LPDDR5 and 1TB or 2TB storage via SSD NVMe. Unfortunately, the graphics chip is not the best. This is the Radeon 680M, which is integrated into the processor. However, there is the possibility to connect an external GPU (eGPU) to improve gaming performance.

Finally, the device has Wi-Fi, 4G connectivity, a USB-C port and a circle that plays the role of a mouse. There are even front speakers and a memory card slot.

The company revealed that sales will start in October, but did not say an exact date. The price was also not revealed. At launch we should have more details about the device hardware. What would you think of having a mini gaming PC like this?

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