How does the credit card builder work?

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fintech is creating its new no-fee credit card that promises less bureaucracy. Therefore, the service will also be available to those who are negative. What’s more, the revolving interest is lower than those of other banks. Given this, the biggest news is that the credit card has a dynamic limit, the so-called credit builder.

So, anyone who wants to be one of the first users of the credit card can apply through the website or application. The credit builder will work as follows: For every BRL 1.00 saved by the customer, it will guarantee a BRL 1.00 limit on the card and so on. credit builder

According to, some customers will have an additional line of credit, which will be dynamic. The company’s objective is to encourage people to build credit consciously. This reduces the risk of default.

Given this, the bank’s customers will have up to 40 days to pay. And those who have a good credit history will be able to use the extra credit line available through the card.

In addition to the credit builder, which draws attention to those who use credit cards, promises exclusive discounts of up to 43% in more than 30,000 retail stores in Brazil.

How does work?

Currently fintech is offering digital account and free debit card in prepaid mode. According to data from, there are more than 200,000 people in line to receive a credit card. Through the website and the app, the bank receives up to 1,500 new requests for the service’s waiting list.

Here are the advantages of

  • Build your own credit;
  • Dynamic credit limit;
  • Yields 100% of the CDI;
  • Up to 45% discount at Droga Raia, Drogasil and Pay less pharmacies;
  • Discounts of up to 60% in physical stores and online;
  • You have up to 40 days to pay;
  • Customers will earn 2% cashback (up to R$5 per day) on all purchases within the first 30 days after account opening.

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