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portable bluetooth speakers became popular for being simple to use electronics – Easily connect to your cell phone and take music everywherefrom the living room to the barbecue with friends by the pool.

Just charge the device’s battery, connect to the phone and enjoy music or podcasts with good sound quality. But with so many models available in stores, How to choose the right product?

O Shopping Guide selected seven models with sound power from 10W to 30Wgood for listening at home and even having a pool party without fear of dropping into the water – since many of them have liquid and dust resistance.

Just can’t take it to the beachsince many Brazilian municipalities – such as Rio de Janeiro, Balneário Camboriú and Santos – prohibit the use of electronic devices in the sand, with possible seizure of the device by municipal guards. The idea is not to disturb the peace of those who want to enjoy the sun and the sea.

See the list below and Tips for making the right purchase of portable bluetooth speaker.

Huawei Sound Joy — Photo: Publication

THE Huawei Sound Joy promises a battery life of up to 26 hours – the biggest on this list.

The model has a fast charging feature and IP67 standard water and dust resistance (protection against dust and temporary immersion in water up to 1 meter deep for half an hour) – in case of accidents in the pool or sea.

The speaker has power of 20W RMS – on the average of the products on the list, side lights and allows you to pair two devices to create a stereo sound experience. It has USB-C connector to charge the battery. In September, in online stores, it cost R$ 1,200.

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JBL Flip 6 — Photo: Publicity

THE JBL Flip 6 It’s a portable box with 30W RMS of sound power – one of the highest on this listwith one battery that lasts up to 12 hours of music playback.

Has IP67 standard water and dust resistanceUSB-C charger, “Party Boost” feature (which allows you to pair two or more speakers for stereo sound) and lets you connect two smartphones at the same time as an audio source.

In online stores, its price was R$ 750 in September.

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JBL Pulse — Photo: Disclosure

The differential of JBL Pulse 4 is the body illuminated by LED lights that pulse to the music.

The speaker has 20W RMS power and it is a waterproof model, with IPX7 protection (can be submerged for half an hour).

According to the manufacturer, its battery lasts up to 12 hours with one charge and the model can be connected to others for sound and light sync. The battery uses a USB-C connector for recharging.

In internet stores, its price was R$ 1,600 in September.

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LG XBoom Go PL5 — Photo: Disclosure

With resistance to water splash (IPX5 standard) and 20W RMS power, The LG XBoom Go PL5 It has a battery that lasts up to 6 pmaccording to the manufacturer.

The model has feature “Sound Boost” to boost bass and comes with LED lights on the sides of the speakers. The equipment has a USB-C connector for battery charging.

In September, its price was R$500 in online stores.

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Philips TAS5505/00 — Photo: Disclosure

THE Philips TAS5505/00 is a model with 20W RMS power and promise of 12h battery life, which uses a USB-C connector for charging. Among the boxes on this list, it is the one with the most sober design, without flashing lights – but it comes with protection against water and dust.

Allows pairing with other branded devices to create the sensation of stereo sound in the environment, but no manufacturer app for sound adjustments and other features – the other products have mobile applications.

Its price was R$530 in online stores in September.

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  • Check it out on the Americans website

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 — Photo: Disclosure

THE Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 is a portable model of bluetooth box with 13h estimated battery life and 10W RMS of power, the lowest on the list. uUse the older micro USB cable to recharge the battery.

The “Outdoor Boost” feature promises to let the Louder and clearer sound outdoors. According to the manufacturer, the housing is IP67 protected, waterproof and dustproof – and even floats.

The speaker cost R$520 in September in online stores.

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Ultimate Ears Boom 3 — Photo: Disclosure

With 30W RMS of sound powera Ultimate Ears Boom 3 is a speaker with IP67 resistance – it can be submerged for up to 30 minutes and also floats, like the other branded speaker on this list.

According to the manufacturer, it is possible to pair the Boom 3 with other models of the brand – and have up to two smartphones at the same time as a sound source. It has a micro USB connector for battery charging.

In September, its price in internet stores was R$ 1,300.

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What to pay attention to when buying

BATTERY LIFE: On average, portable bluetooth speakers have batteries that last between 10h and up to 26h away from the mainsmore than enough for a party or listening to music during the work day.

It is worth checking if the devices come with standard USB-C chargersthe same as most Android smartphones – if the battery starts to fail, it becomes easier to find a compatible charger.

SIZE IS NOT DOCUMENT: Portable models, which can be carried by hand – some even come with hooks to hang on your backpack or bike – have sound power between 5W and 30W. The models highlighted in the list are between 10W and 30W.

It’s enough to listen to music at a reasonable volume – or even annoy the neighbors, depending on the case.

As a rule, the bigger the speaker, the greater its power. “Power is a factor that shows how much power the amplifier can send to the speakers,” explains Luciano Sasso, vice president of marketing and sales at Harman – owner of the JBL brand.

APP HELP: the use of bluetooth speakers is facilitated by the quick connection between the device and the cell phone – just pair the devices and go out listening to music. But major brands offer apps for Android and iPhone that extend the capabilities of the box.with sound quality and equalization adjustments.

DO LIGHTS MAKE A DIFFERENCE? They are an aesthetic resource that only makes a difference if you are having a party – Larger, plug-in speaker models come with flashing and strobe lights. And it’s almost always possible to turn it off via the brand’s mobile app.

BEWARE OF PIRATES: Cheap price on big brand box? distrust. It is common to find reports of seizures of counterfeit electronics – and portable speakers are often among the most popular “pirate” devices.

“Many companies buy generic products abroad and put their brand to sell in Brazil”, concludes Renato Voltarelli, marketing manager at Logitech – which has Ultimate Ears among its brands.

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