how was the first week in the newest monarch?

With the death of Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles III assumed the official post of majesty of the United Kingdom and 14 more independent states called “Commonwealth Kingdoms”, last Thursday (8). The new challenge in the life of the monarch arrived full of important decisions for the future of the royal family and their nations.

After a week since becoming king, he is a subject among Britons for the swearing-in ceremony, fuss with his son Prince Harry, irritation with a pen and mass sacking of staff from his former home.

splash listed the main events that occurred in the life of the oldest king to assume the throne. Check out:

“Moment of Greatest Sadness”

Shortly after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Charles immediately became the King of the United Kingdom and released a statement calling the loss of his mother the moment of “greatest sadness” for him and the royal family.

The death of my beloved mother, Her Majesty the Queen, is a moment of greatest sadness for me and my entire family. We deeply feel the loss of a celebrated sovereign and a much-loved mother. I know her loss will be felt across the country, the realms and the Commonwealth, as well as people around the world.
Charles 3rd

He ended the rally by thanking the support of fans of the royal family. “During this time of mourning and change, my family and I will be supported and comforted in knowing how much respect and affection the Queen inspired.”

This was the first report in which the eldest son of the late monarch signed as king.

King Charles mourned his mother's death in a public statement - Leon Neal / POOL / AFP - Leon Neal / POOL / AFP

King Charles mourned his mother’s death in a public statement

Image: Leon Neal / POOL / AFP

Dinner with William and without Harry

Not even the death of Queen Elizabeth II was able to completely dissipate the “climate” that has long been established between the now King Charles and his direct heirs: Princes William and Harry.

According to the English newspaper Daily Mail, the king dined at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, separated from one of his children the night after the Queen’s death was made official.

Sources told the publication that Charles had the evening meal accompanied only by the queen consort, Camilla Parker, and firstborn William.

Harry, who was without the company of his wife, Meghan Markle, ate in another room in the royal castle, in the company of uncles Anne, Edward and Andrew.

Prince Harry with his father Charles and brother William - Getty Images - Getty Images

Prince Harry with his father Charles and brother William

Image: Getty Images

Why didn’t Meghan Markle go to Balmoral?

Prince Harry went alone to Balmoral Castle, Scotland, to say goodbye to his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. According to The Sun, he was told by King Charles III that his wife, Meghan Markle, was not to accompany him on the occasion.

Thus, Harry was the first royal to leave the Scottish estate and was the last to arrive on the scene when news broke of his grandmother’s failing health.

In 2020, the prince and the former actress, the first mixed-race and Afro-descendant to make up the top echelon of British royalty, walked away from royal activities. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Meghan said she faced racist episodes within the royal family. She stated that the fact that the couple’s son, Archie, was mixed-race was a pretext for him not having the title of prince, and the protection of security agents that comes with the title.

King Charles asked Prince Harry not to go with his wife to Balmoral - Getty Images - Getty Images

King Charles asked Prince Harry not to go with his wife to Balmoral

Image: Getty Images

First steps of the reign

The day after his mother’s death, King Charles III met with newly promoted Prime Minister Liz Truss in London, England, to discuss the first steps of his reign.

The monarch also had a brief contact with fans of the royal family present with the intention of paying tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.

In London, King Charles III greets Prime Minister Liz Truss at their first official meeting - Yui Mok / POOL / AFP - Yui Mok / POOL / AFP

In London, King Charles III greets Prime Minister Liz Truss at their first official meeting

Image: Yui Mok / POOL / AFP

“Loyalty and Respect”

In his speech as monarch to the people of the United Kingdom, Charles deeply mourned the death of his mother and pledged to assume the throne with “loyalty and respect” as she did.

As the Queen herself did with such unwavering devotion, I too now solemnly pledge, for all the time I have left, to uphold the constitutional principles at the heart of our nation.
King Charles 3rd

In addition to praising the queen, Charles highlighted that her “affection, sense of humor and ability to see the best in people” will be present in the day to day of her reign.

The king chose to end his speech by honoring his mother and father, Prince Philip, who died in April 2021.

To my dear Mom, as you begin your last great journey to join my dear late Dad, I simply want to say this: Thank you. Thank you for your love and devotion to our family and the family of nations that you have served so diligently for all these years.
Charles 3rd

King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla during the new King's First Address to the British Parliament - Ben Stansall/Handout via REUTERS - Ben Stansall/Handout via REUTERS

King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla during the new King’s First Address to the British Parliament

Image: Ben Stansall/Disclosure via REUTERS

proclaimed king

Last Saturday (10), Charles III was officially proclaimed the King of the United Kingdom, during a ceremony at Saint James’ Palace in London.

In his oath before the Ascension Council, the monarch said he was “deeply aware” of the “duties and great responsibilities” of his role.

My mother’s reign was unparalleled in its duration, its dedication and its devotion. Even at this moment, when we are in mourning, we thank you for this life of so much faith and I have full understanding of the size of this duty and the difficult responsibilities of sovereignty that have now passed to me (…) entrusted and to which I now dedicate the rest of my life, I pray for the guidance and help of almighty God.
King Charles 3rd

Charles took over as king after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, but an Ascension Council meeting was needed to formally confirm his role.

King Charles III spoke today at the Scottish Parliament - Reproduction/Twitter/The Royal Family - Reproduction/Twitter/The Royal Family

King Charles III addressed the Scottish Parliament today

Image: Playback/Twitter/The Royal Family

“Staff must clear my desk”

During preparations for the queen’s wake, a video went viral of King Charles III asking an employee to clean his desk. In it, the monarch appeared quite unhappy with what he found on the furniture.

In the caption, what was possibly the king’s speech was highlighted: “The official must clean my table for me. Don’t expect me to move things”.

After a few hours, the profile even posted a continuation of the video on his Twitter. In the excerpt, Charles appears uncomfortable with the situation, waiting for them to pack his things on the table.

First time on the throne

On 12 September, King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla Parker attended a ceremony in honor of Queen Elizabeth II.

Thus, the royal couple had the opportunity to sit on the throne for the first time.

King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla - Dan Kitwood/Getty Images - Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla

Image: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

wrath with pen

King Charles III visited Northern Ireland as part of a tour to lead in mourning for his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, and was greeted by crowds and welcoming speeches.

Shortly afterwards, while signing a guest book in front of the cameras at Hillsborough Castle near Belfast, Charles reacted in frustration when the pen he was using leaked ink into his hand.

“Oh God, I hate that pen!” said Charles, standing up and handing the pen to his queen consort. “Look, it’s leaking everywhere,” Camilla added, as Charles dried his fingers.

“I hate what always happens to that horrible kind of pen,” the king complained. Earlier, he also got the date wrong and put September 12th to sign the document.

“William as a prince is kicked in the face”

Amid the travel schedule of mourning his mother, King Charles III has made even more headlines in the UK as a young man appears in the media again claiming he is his father.

Simon Dorante-Day, 56, asked to take a DNA test and said William being named Prince of Wales was a “kick in the face”. For a few years now, he has claimed to be the “hidden son” of the new monarch and Camilla Parker Bowles.

Even before the queen’s death, Simon Dorante-Day already claimed to be her son and demanded DNA tests over the years. He recently commented that the process remains the same and there is no law that prohibits him from moving forward.

“There was an argument between a judge, myself and his lawyer about Charles’ legal position and whether the monarch is protected by law or above the law. And the answer to that was ‘no’. And secondly, Camilla and his family are certainly not above the law,” he told News7.

Another point of questioning raised by Simon Dorante-Day was the appointment of William as Prince of Wales. For him, that wasn’t fair, as he could be the son of the new king and queen consort.

“It’s hard not to regard Charles naming William Prince of Wales as anything other than a kick in the face. I don’t want to feel that way, but I do. I just think the least Charles can do is give me an answer – acknowledge me. He gives William a title like, well, where’s my answer? Where’s my DNA test? If you’re not my father, then prove you’re not.”

Man claims King Charles III is his father - Getty Images - Getty Images

Man Claims King Charles III Is His Father

Image: Getty Images

Mass layoffs of employees

In addition to the viral videos garnering criticism, King Charles III caused an outcry in the British by promoting a mass resignation from his former residence due to the move to Buckingham Palace.

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, 100 employees have been laid off at Clarence House. The notice of dismissal was even delivered by letter, which said that their service would no longer be necessary. The decision infuriated the group.

“Everyone is furious, including the private secretaries and the command staff. All personnel have been working very hard since Thursday night. [quando a rainha Elizabeth II morreu] to come across it. People are very upset,” an insider told the British newspaper.

The list of laid-offs includes private secretaries, the finance office, the communications team and the domestic servants who worked for Charles for several years.

The Public and Commercial Services Union issued a statement condemning the decision to announce staff cuts during the period of mourning. They classified the king’s action as “heartless”.

King Charles III laid off 100 employees at his former home, Clarense House - Victoria Jones/Pool/AFP - Victoria Jones/Pool/AFP

King Charles III laid off 100 staff from his former home, Clarense House

Image: Victoria Jones/Pool/AFP

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