“I ordered Cristina to be killed,” said Brazilian girlfriend in Argentina

The Argentine Brenda Uliarte, girlfriend of the Brazilian Fernando Sabag Montiel, who tried to kill the vice president of the neighboring country, Cristina Kirchner, is having more and more problems with the Justice. Initially, she tried to deny any knowledge of her partner’s plans, but the progress of investigations is showing that she seems to have planned the murder out of political disagreement with Kirchner.

The Argentine newspaper La Nación published, this Wednesday (14/9), messages that would have been exchanged between Brenda and a friend, named Agustina Díaz. The two are trapped, as is Montiel.

“I had Cristina killed. It didn’t work out because she got in. I swear I felt angry,” says Brenda in one of the messages, indicating that the attempted attack that failed on September 2 because the gun did not fire would not have been the first. “I’m getting organized to go and attack the Casa Rosada with motolov bombs and all,” the woman wrote in another message. “I’m exhausted that she steals and gets away with it”, complained Brenda.

The attempted attack, however, was carried out with a weapon and did not take place at the Argentine government headquarters, but in front of the house of Cristina Kirchner, who was autographing books for supporters when she was attacked by the Brazilian, who has lived in Argentina since she was young and is connected to neo-Nazi groups.

“I will be the liberator of Argentina. She was practicing shooting, I know how to use a gun, ”writes Brenda in another message to Agustina, who doesn’t quite censor her friend’s plans, but warns her about the difficulties of hiding after such a flashy crime.

After the attempt failed, it was Agustina who looked for her friend: “What happened that the shot missed? Did you not practice before or did the adrenaline of the moment fail you? Where are you? Wouldn’t it be convenient for you to go home? You have to get rid of the cell phone. And change the number. Delete your account, everything,” wrote the woman, whose name was saved on Brenda’s cell phone with the name “Love of my life”.

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