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iOS 16 was released for iPhone this past Monday (12) and brought several new features, such as a new customizable lock screen and new security features. However, not all the functions announced at WWDC 2022, Apple’s annual conference, were made available in this first version of the operating system. Live Activities and Shareplay in games, for example, were left out at this first moment. These deferrals are common and happen every year, typically linked to the need for more testing and/or delays during beta cycles.

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In this sense, in the following list, check out six iOS 16 functions that will still take a little longer to arrive on the iPhone. It is worth remembering that the update is available for models from the iPhone 8.

New tools announced by Apple will not yet be available in the first version of iOS 16; check the list — Photo: Letícia Rosa/TechTudo

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Live Activities were announced at WWDC 2022 as one of the new features of iOS 16, and consist of dynamic real-time notifications displayed on the device’s lock screen. Through them, users will be able to follow different activities as they happen, such as the score of soccer and/or basketball games or even the status of a delivery order, for example, without having to unlock the cell phone.

It’s important to note that with the update, an app won’t need to send multiple messages to report the status of an activity. Instead, the same notification will be updated as the process progresses. That way, if you place an order, the message saying it’s being prepared will be replaced by the message that it’s out for delivery when that happens.

The feature promises more practicality, but will not be present in this first version of Apple’s operating system – although, it is worth mentioning, its API is already available for developers. According to company reports, Live Activities should arrive with iOS 16.1, still in the year 2022. International media speculates that the postponement happened so that the company can carry out more tests before making the new tool available.

Live Activities will display dynamic notifications on the lock screen – information will be updated in real time — Photo: Disclosure / Apple

SharePlay, which came to Apple users with iOS 15, allows users to stream TV shows, movies and music with friends and family in sync using the FaceTime app. The most interesting feature is that all participants see and hear the same moments, as playback is synchronized and controls are shared.

With the arrival of iOS 16, the tool will also cover multiplayer games – that is, users will be able to play with others through video calls. The novelty, however, will not be available in this first system update, but should be released in the next versions, possibly by the end of the year.

3. Shared Library

The Shared Library tool is yet another feature announced by Apple that will not be available in the debut version of the operating system. Through the function, users will be able to create libraries of photos shared via iCloud, which can be viewed by up to six people who also have an Apple ID. This will be useful in cases of travel, tours or even teamwork, for example.

All participants will have the same permissions, being able to make edits and contributions to the collection, as well as favorite their favorite images and add captions. According to what external sources speculate, the function will not be released for now due to delays in iPadOS and macOS 13 Ventura, but it should reach users in the next operating system updates.

Shared library feature will allow images to be viewed and edited by up to 6 people simultaneously.

4. Integration with contacts in games

The function of integrating contacts in games was announced at WWDC 2022 with the arrival of iOS 16, but apparently its launch has also been delayed by Apple. The feature will present a “breakthrough” of Game Center profiles from iPhone devices, allowing users to see what people on their schedule are playing. In addition, it will be possible to find out what friends have recently achieved in games through a simple tap, as happens on PlayStation and other gaming platforms.

The function can be useful for comparing scores, for example. Although it does not arrive now, the novelty is also expected to be made available to all users by the end of 2022.

Future iOS 16 updates will show you what your contacts are playing with a simple tap — Photo: Handout/Apple

Freeform, Apple’s new app, was presented during the WWDC and works as a “virtual whiteboard”, where people can collaboratively add their ideas. In this way, the platform will provide access to a flexible page so that users can write and draw while chatting in real time through iMessage or FaceTime. The tool will be very useful for work or college meetings, for example.

The application even allows embedding files such as images, videos and PDFs, without having to worry about the screen size. As was presented by Apple at its annual conference, Freeform will not be present in this initial version of iOS 16, but will also reach users in the coming months, and will have integration with iPad and MacBooks.

Freeform, Apple’s new app, will work as a virtual whiteboard, with features ideal for meetings — Photo: Disclosure / Apple

6. Key sharing

In iOS 16, users will also gain a new way to share electronic keys across Apple devices – although, for now, the launch of the feature has been delayed by the company. With the novelty, it will be possible to send security codes to contacts in the agenda through applications such as Messages, Mail and many others.

The feature can be useful for securely sharing information saved in the Wallet app, such as house, hotel, or office keys, as well as helping to control where and when they can be used. The feature is also expected to be available later this year, although it is not part of the update for the first version of iOS 16.

By the end of 2022, Apple will launch a feature to help secure electronic key sharing — Photo: Disclosure / Apple

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