Jade Picon fails a theoretical CNH test: ‘I was not born to drive’

Jade Picon, 20, told this afternoon that she failed the theoretical test of her CNH (National Driver’s License). After the denial, the digital influencer joked that she was not born to direct.

In her Instagram Stories, the influencer showed the expectation to take the test to get her driver’s license. In a caption, she wrote: “Driver’s license theory test day”.

A short time later, she appeared regretting failing the exam. “Oh, but this good afternoon is only for those who have just failed the theoretical test at driving school. Guys, I said, it’s a disaster, it’s a shame, it’s a shame, I wasn’t born to drive? wallet doesn’t come”, he said.

Then, upon arriving home, Jade broke the news to her brother, Leo Picon, who failed the test. “Guess who’s the genius who passed the test first? I didn’t”, she joked. “You didn’t pass? Are you kidding?”, he asked. “Three questions were missing for me to get right”, replied the influencer.

Despite not having passed the test, Jade said that she was proud of her for having achieved a reasonable number of correct answers even without having studied. “I confess that I’m a little proud and I was surprised. That face of mine before I entered the room to take the test, it was a screwed up face, I didn’t study, I don’t know anything, I’m going to fail the test. Next week I’ll redo the test”, he said.

A member of the cast of “Travessia” (TV Globo), the next 9 o’clock soap opera that will replace “Pantanal”, the influencer said that the driver’s license is for playing her character Chiara.

“This letter is for Chiara, for those who don’t know why she drives. But Jade in this case is sad. I don’t know how to drive, but it will work out. Chiara will be very beautiful driving, but I’m fine for my sake and for her society, I won’t. Imagine the practical test”, he said.


Yesterday, TV Globo released a new video of the new 9 pm soap opera, “Travessia”, which will replace “Pantanal” from the 10th of next month. In the images, Chay Suede and Jade, who will be a romantic couple, appear in some scenes of the next serial.

Jade will play Chiara, a digital influencer who will suffer from fake news, and is the daughter of Guerra (Humberto Martins). The businessman hides the true origin of the young woman who, in fact, is the daughter of Moretti (Rodrigo Lombardi) and Deborah (Grazi Massafera).

She will fall in love with Ari, played by Chay, a young man who fights for the preservation of the historic area of ​​São Luís, in Maranhão. He will see in the relationship with the young woman a possibility to get closer to the businessman.

The serial revolves around technology and will address the consequences of false videos and images and fake news on the internet. The novel is created and written by Gloria Perez, with artistic direction by Mauro Mendonça Filho and direction by Walter Carvalho, Andre Barros, Mariana Richard and Caio Campos.

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