King Charles does not make a breach to spare Harry and Andrew in procession

Last year, Queen Elizabeth II pulled strings to prevent her son and grandson, Princes Andrew and Harry, respectively, from being “humiliated” at Philip’s funeral. The same intervention was not made by King Charles III at his mother’s funeral procession this Wednesday (14/9). The new monarch did not make room for family members to parade in the same clothes. He and two of the three brothers — Anne and Edward — wore military robes, while the Duke and Duchess of York and Sussex wore suits.

Andrew cannot wear military attire as he lost royal titles and sponsorships after being accused of sexual abuse and involvement with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Harry, on the other hand, resigned from high-ranking royal duties in March 2020. He is no longer part of the British monarchy. For these reasons, the two could not resort to the military attire worn by King Charles III, Princess Anne and Princes Edward and William in the 40-year procession to the Palace of Westminster.

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Anyone who lives or is in London, the capital of England, and wants to say goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II will need to be aware of a series of rules. The British government has set rules for those interested in saying goodbye to the UK’s longest-serving majesty.

From this Wednesday (14/9), the coffin can be visited in Westminster Hall, the oldest building of the British Parliament, from 17:00 (13:00 GMT) until 06:30 (2:30 GMT) on the day of the funeral. , scheduled for next Monday (19/9).

The sovereign passed away peacefully on the 8th, at Balmoral Castle, in Scotland. In addition to members of the royal family, politicians and heads of state from around the world were invited to pay their last respects. The President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro (PL), confirmed his presence at the funeral ceremony. The late monarch will be buried in St. George, with her husband Prince Philip. He passed away at age 99 last year.

Prince Andrew did not wear military attire

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