King Charles III dismisses officials who helped him before taking the throne

After Elizabeth’s death, dozens of collaborators were terminated; The episode caused displeasure among the employees of Clarence House

Victoria Jones / POOL / AFPKing Charles III
King Charles III was named monarch of Australia and New Zealand last Sunday, 12

Days after the queen’s death Elizabeth IIit’s from Charles III sworn in as king, dozens of employees who were part of Clarence House – the Prince of Wales’ residence, where Charles lived before assuming the majesty – were informed that there will be a mass resignation in the coming days. Nearly 100 workers at the site have received letters informing them that their services will no longer be needed and that they are free to look for new jobs, according to the newspaper. The Guardian. Housekeepers, administrative offices, private secretaries and the communications team are some of the areas that have existed for decades and will no longer exist at Clarence House. The notice of termination would have taken place last Monday, 12, during a ceremony honoring the queen at St. Egidio’s Cathedral in Edinburgh. Chief adviser to King Charles III while the majesty was prince, Clive Alderton explained that the “change of role for superiors will also mean changes for residence”. “The workbook formerly held by this residence in support of the Prince of Wales’ personal interests, former domestic activities and operations will no longer be continued, and Clarence House will be closed. It is therefore hoped that posts based primarily on Clarence House will no longer be needed,” said Alderton, who acknowledged that it was “disturbing” news for employees.

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