Lisca sends a message to two Atlético-MG players before debut


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Upon his arrival at Avaí, coach Lisca will face the current Brazilian champion Atlético-MG on Saturday (17), at 4:30 pm, at Ressacada. The match marks the coach’s reunion with two of his career sweethearts: goalkeeper Éverson and striker Ademir.

Lisca has a history of working with both. The first was his starter in Ceará, while the second was his number 10 in América-MG. The two, however, are now on the opposite side of the coach.

“I have two children who play there for Atlético. Everson and Ademir. I already take the opportunity to send them a hug, but I already tell them to respect their father here. Come with respect, you… “, said Lisca, good-naturedly, about her two sweethearts made in previous clubs.

“It was really cool to work with them and see other players that Rooster has like Hulk. Unfortunately Arana had an injury and I send him a big hug. I created a very strong relationship with him, I met his newborn son.”

Lisca wants to add points and save Avaí

The coach will debut for Avaí with 12 games to play in the search for salvation. The team fired Eduardo Barroca after a bad streak of results that left the team within the relegation zone.

“I want to focus on the game against Atlético Mineiro. Pass this on to the players. Every three points the chicken fills the conversation”, said Lisca about seeking victory in her debut.

“It’s decision for us on Saturday. Then we have 11 more. Galo is an opponent I know a lot. I had the opportunity to play in the finals with them. He has a great coach”, concluded the Avaí coach with praise for Cuca.

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