Living on income with the Mega-Sena prize without spending a penny – 09/15/2022

Mega-Sena, a lottery modality that draws multimillion prizes and feeds the dreams of Brazilians, will draw BRL 110 million this Thursday (15). To win the full prize, a player must hit the six tens that will be drawn alone. But, after all, what to do with that fortune? How to ensure that money will last a lifetime?

First, you wouldn’t need to spend a single penny of that wealth to be able to live a life of luxury. Knowing where to invest these R$ 110 million, it is possible to live with an income worthy of an elite football player, or who knows even multiply that fortune and build an even greater patrimony.

The first step in achieving any of these goals is to understand the importance of diversification: you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. In other words, you need to diversify your investments, which is easier when you have a multi-million fortune on your hands.

With R$ 110 million in the account, it is possible to allocate part of these investments in fixed income assets, such as Treasury Direct bonds and Bank Deposit Certificates (CDBs), in shares, in real estate funds, in short, there are numerous possibilities.

With that in mind, let’s get to the values. Assembling an investment portfolio that offers a return of 12% per year, something absolutely plausible bearing in mind that the basic interest rate is at 13.75% per year at the moment, you would receive R$ 1.1 million in income. every month.

Here, we are talking about the most conservative scenario possible, avoiding high risk assets and focusing on investments such as government bonds, CDBs, investment funds with profitability linked to CDI and real estate funds that pay good dividends.

Investors with a bolder profile would be able to seek even more expressive results, investing, for example, in stocks with high potential for appreciation and adopting short-term strategies that offer a very high potential for returns with operations that last a few days.

Anyway, the possibilities are endless, it’s just not worth spending the money like there’s no tomorrow.

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