Lula says that, if elected, he will occupy the Armed Forces with ‘more worthy things’ – News

The candidate for the Presidency of the Republic for the PT, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, said this Wednesday (14) that, if elected, he will act so that the Armed Forces do “more worthy things”. The speech took place at a meeting with cooperatives in São Paulo. Lula commented on the need to create a Ministry of Public Security and to act against drug trafficking and arms trafficking.

“There are almost 17 million [quilômetros de] dry border and almost 8 million [quilômetros de] maritime border, beyond [da necessidade] to control our terrain. And then, possibly, we will occupy our Armed Forces with more dignified things, with more serious things and more necessary things for the Brazilian people. This country will once again be run by people who have the competence to run this country,” he said.

In the government of former President Michel Temer (MDB), the Ministry of Public Security was recreated, a demand from the police. In the current government, President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) merged the portfolio with that of Justice – the body was renamed the Ministry of Justice and Public Security.

A retired army captain (retired), Bolsonaro made room in his government for broad military participation, with several ministers coming from the Armed Forces. With a military vice president, General Hamilton Mourão (Republicans), the Chief Executive chose another military man, General Braga Netto (PL), to run for reelection alongside him.

Amid Bolsonaro’s attacks on the electoral system and electronic voting machines, the Ministry of Defense, led by General Paulo Sérgio Nogueira, began to echo the onslaught and raise doubts about the electoral system. The situation is criticized by leftist parties and allies of candidate Lula, who point to a distortion of the military’s attributions.

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