Moraes determines the unblocking of bank accounts of businessmen targeted by the PF

Supreme Court Justice Justified Suspension Citing Passage of September 7 Events

Nelson Jr./SCO/STF – 08/12/2021 Minister Alexandre de Moraes looking out of the corner of his eye, sitting in a yellow chair, wearing a red suit, white shirt and burgundy tie with polka dots
Alexandre de Moraes also states that the investigation was launched to verify the existence of “funding schemes for anti-democratic acts”.

the minister Alexandre de Moraesof Federal Court of Justice (STF), determined this Thursday, 15th, the unlocking of the bank accounts of the eight businessmen targeted by the Federal Police’s search and seizure operation accused of defending, in a WhatsApp group, a coup d’état, in the event of the victory of the Federal Police. ex-president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) in the 2022 elections. In an order, Moraes justified the suspension of the blocks citing the passing of September 7 and the removal of the bank secrecy of those investigated, which “will make it possible to deepen the investigation and verify any financing of acts criminals”. “It is no longer necessary to maintain the blocking of the financial assets of the nominated persons”, says the decision. Alexandre de Moraes also states that the investigation was launched to verify the existence of “scheme for financing anti-democratic acts”, posing threats to the security of Supreme Court ministers and attacking the independence of the Judiciary, “with a flagrant affront to the maintenance of the State”. Democratic Law” and the aim of destabilizing democratic institutions. “They made it necessary, appropriate and urgent to block the bank accounts of those investigated, given the possibility of using resources to finance illicit and undemocratic acts, in order to stop the injury or threat to law”, he justified.

The entrepreneurs who had their bank accounts blocked are Luciano Hang, owner of the Havan department store group; Ivan Wrobel (W3 Engenharia); José Isaac Peres (Multiplan Network); José Koury (Barra World); Afrânio Barreira Filho (Coco Bambu); Marco Aurélio Raymundo (Mormaii); Meyer Joseph Nigri (Tecnisa Engenharia); and Luiz André Tissot (Sierra Móveis). In addition to the financial blockade, the investigated also had their profiles on social networks suspended and bank secrecy breach determined. The actions took place in five states: Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Ceará, on August 23. As Jovem Pan showed, the content of the messages exchanged by the investigated was made public on August 17 of this year, with the publication of a report on the website Metrópoles. In the conversation, businessmen talked about the events scheduled for September 7 and said they would prefer a coup to a new Workers’ Party government.

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