Moraes determines the unlocking of bank accounts of Bolsonarista businessmen | Policy

In the conversations that motivated the operation, businessmen defend a democratic rupture if President Jair Bolsonaro loses the October elections.

Minister Alexandre de Moraes, president of the TSE, during a session of the Court — Photo: Reproduction/YouTube

When initiating the investigations, Moraes wrote that there is no doubt about the possibility of “attacks against democracy and the rule of law” in the conduct of businessmen.

In addition to blocking bank accounts, he had determined searches and seizures at addresses of those under investigation and breach of secrecy of messages.

STF rejects PGR's request to close investigation against Bolsonarista businessmen

STF rejects PGR’s request to close investigation against Bolsonarista businessmen

Now, Moraes justifies that the unblocking of the bank accounts was possible because the 7th of September has already passed. The minister understands that funds from businessmen could have sponsored anti-democratic acts during the Independence celebrations.

“The presence of strong indications of action to provide resources for the achievement of hidden objectives in the acts that occurred during the last national holiday of Independence of Brazil, in conducts that can configure, in theory, the crimes […] made it necessary, appropriate and urgent to block the bank accounts of those investigated, given the possibility of using resources to finance illicit and undemocratic acts,” Moraes wrote.

“Due to the passing of the holiday of 9/7/2022 and the removal of the bank secrecy of the investigated parties, a measure that will make it possible to deepen the investigation and verify any financing of criminal acts, it is no longer necessary to maintain the blockade. of the financial assets of the nominees”, explained the president of the TSE.

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