Moraes rejects request to withdraw investigation against Bolsonarista businessmen from the STF

The Minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) Alexandre de Moraes rejected a request to withdraw the Court’s jurisdiction and send to the first instance the investigation against eight Bolsonarista businessmen suspected of sending messages of a coup nature in a WhatsApp group.

The defense of one of the targets, businessman Luciano Hang, had pointed out that the investigation does not involve any authority with privileged jurisdiction. Therefore, he argued that the case should be processed in the first instance, and not in the STF.

By denying the request, Moraes argued that the decline in competence would be “premature” because the analysis of the evidence in progress by the Federal Police can demonstrate the connection of the facts with the investigations of the digital militias and the fake newsboth under his rapporteurship.

“Although this investigation is at an early stage, it would be absolutely premature to proceed with the decline of jurisdiction of this Supreme Court, even more so before the analysis, by the Federal Police, of the elements collected from the searches and breaches of confidentiality carried out in the records” , the minister decided.

The businessmen were the target of measures such as search and seizure, breaches of banking and telematic secrecy determined by Moraes, based on a report on the website “metropolises” which revealed a WhatsApp group dialogue that they participated in. The PF is still analyzing the material.

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