Motorola Verve Loop 2+ is half price

Motorola is well known for the manufacture of cell phones, but it also sells different types of headphones and for the most varied purposes, appearing as an alternative for those who are looking for a quality headphone at a lower cost.

One of the most beloved models by users is the Verve Loop 2+, which is currently being sold for less than half the price on Amazon. The accessory that costs R$ 349 is leaving for only R$ 148.90 (a savings of R$ 200.10). On the Motorola website, the same phone is sold for R$ 269.

In addition to it, other models of Motorola headphones are at interesting discounts. The offers are part of the Customer Saldão, a promotion that runs until Friday (16).

Verve Loop 2+ has a number of attractions, starting with the Hubble Connect function, which allows you to locate it with the help of an app. Support for Siri and Google Assistant virtual assistants is another highlight, as is the Bluetooth connection range of approximately 18 meters.

Suitable for use in the gym, hiking and other physical activities, it has resistance to sweat and water, in addition to a small cable that helps to hold it in the neck. The battery lasts up to six hours.

Recently, the accessory was one of the positive highlights at Tilt Lab Day, an event that evaluated several headphones on the market and elected the best for each category: gym, music, gamer and everyday life.

Worth to buy?

The black body with orange details delivers the sports vocation of the Verve Loop 2+. The name suggests that it is a turbocharged version of the previous model, but, in practice, only the look was revamped.

In addition to being very light, with only 5 grams, the in-ear headphone is IP57 certified, offering resistance to sweat and water splashes.

According to the manufacturer, the battery takes two hours to charge and delivers up to six hours of music playback, which can be controlled through the control positioned on the cable.

Its design was designed not to fall during exercise. At the Tilt Lab Daythe jurors evaluated this question.

“Using the wire itself as a strap to put it over the ear helps to keep it steady”, said Rodrigo Lara, one of the judges of the event. However, Paola Machado, who was also a juror at the Tilt Lab Day, stated that the VerveLoop came out of his ears several times while running. “And the rigid headset bothered my ear more,” she added.

See the Verve Loop 2+ scores given by the judges of the Tilt Lab Day

  • Audio Quality: 8
  • Design & Ergonomics: 8.3
  • Usability: 8
  • System: 8.3
  • FINAL GRADE: 8.1

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