Natal airport concessionaire will receive R$ 549 million from the government for investment with no return

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In accordance with the decision of the Collegiate Board of Directors of ANAC, based on calculations carried out by the Agency’s technical area, the concessionaire Inframerica, which manages the São Gonçalo do Amarante international airport, will be entitled to an indemnity of R$ 549 million, on the date basis of December 31, 2021, for the investments made in the airport and not yet amortized. The process will be submitted to the concessionaire’s manifestation and to the certification of an independent auditing company.

São Gonçalo do Amarante Airport has been undergoing a friendly return process since March 2020 and its re-bidding is currently subject to evaluation by the Federal Court of Auditors (TCU). According to paragraph 4 of article 15 of Law 13,448, of June 5, 2017, which establishes the general guidelines for re-bidding processes, the calculation of compensation does not affect the bidding process.

However, the TCU has followed the entire indemnification calculation process since its instruction and works together with ANAC to ensure the fairness and integrity of public administration acts. In view of the new progress in the process promoted by the Agency, it is expected that the Court of Auditors will soon be able to conclude the analysis of the legal documents for carrying out the new bidding process.

At the Court, the legal documents have already been evaluated by the Secretariat for Inspection of Highway Infrastructure and Civil Aviation and are under the rapporteurship of Minister Aroldo Cedraz.

calculation methodology

The calculation performed by the Agency’s technical area followed the premises of ANAC Resolution No. 533, of November 7, 2019, which provides for the definition of assets considered reversible and the calculation methodology to be used to define the compensation due for investments made and not amortized.

The application of the methodology of Resolution No. 533/2019 involved the entire process of surveying and classifying the assets that will undergo the process of reversion to the Granting Authority, the composition of their individualized acquisition costs, based on accounting disclosure and comparison of supporting documentation, in addition to application of the calculation adjustments provided for by the resolution.

Pursuant to regulatory provisions, the calculation of the indemnity will undergo certification by a technical and independent audit, contracted for this purpose.

New contractual terms Adherence to the re-bidding process is a voluntary act, proposed by the airport concessionaire, and consists of the friendly return of the asset, consisting of the holding of a new auction, under new contractual terms, and the signing of a new contract with the winner of the event. It is a mechanism that allows the continuity of service provision in the interval between an early termination of a concession contract and the establishment of a new private partnership.

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