New IBGE competition opens more than 8 thousand vacancies; see salaries and how to apply – Papo Carreira

The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) opened this Wednesday (14) registration for a new selection process for the 2022 census. are being offered 8,230 vacancies, with 7,795 for census takers and 435 for municipal census agents or supervisors. The deadline runs until Friday (16).


The forecast is that the employment contract for the census taker will last three months and the remuneration is variabledepending on worker productivity.

The contract for the census agents should last five months, with maturities of BRL 1,700 for supervisor and BRL 2,100 for municipal.

Applications can be made online

The selection will take place through the analysis of titles, which covers the academic title of the candidates. Registration must be done through the IBGE website and no fee will be charged.

Candidates with complete elementary level can apply for census takers. For census agents and supervisors, a high school diploma is required.

For the Cearáare offered five vacancies only for the post of census takerdistributed in the following cities:

  • Aracoiaba – 1 vacancy.
  • Jaguaretama – 1 vacancy.
  • Million – 1 vacancy.
  • White Stone – 1 spot.
  • Russians – 1 vacancy.

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