Outside Globo, star will no longer make soap operas: “The cycle has closed”

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After numerous successful characters in Globo serials, Bruno Gagliasso left the station for Netflix. The actor launches himself as a protagonist on the platform in the series Santo, which premieres this Friday (16), three years after O Sétimo Guardian (2018), a problematic plot that was criticized by Bruno himself.

In a recent participation in Altas Horas, Bruno Gagliasso was ironic when talking about his most recent work at the Rio de Janeiro station. “My last soap opera was a success!”, said Serginho Groisman, laughing. The Seventh Guardian, as we know, was one of the biggest failures of the nine-point range in Globo’s history.


Written by Aguinaldo Silva, the controversial plot promised to rescue the fantastic realism, which was successful in soap operas such as A Indomada (1997) and Fera Ferida (1994). However, this time, success did not come. The story about the guardians who must protect a source of magical waters turned out to be bland and did not involve the public.

The Seventh Guardian

In the serial, Bruno Gagliasso gave life to Gabriel, the protagonist of the plot. He is the so-called “seventh guardian”, the person destined to lead a group that must prevent the source of magical water from falling into the wrong hands. As bland as the plot, the good guy didn’t make it, hence Gagliasso’s dismay about the work.


silent criticism

Before talking about the work with irony, Bruno Gagliasso expressed his dissatisfaction with the work without saying a single word. The actor preferred to enjoy comments that pointed out the production’s flaws, signaling that he agreed with the numerous criticisms received by Aguinaldo Silva’s soap opera.

Bruno liked, for example, the comment posted by spectator Kaick Toagli, who complained on his social networks when Eurico (Dan Stulbach), one of the guardians, was punished by the leader for betraying the brotherhood. His punishment: losing sexual interest in women.

“What a disservice! In The Seventh Guardian, homosexuality was presented as punishment by Gabriel to Eurico. ‘You can have sex, but only with men’ | ‘Or (turn) cat or brush. It’s up to you to decide,’” criticized Toagli, receiving approval from Gabriel’s interpreter.

Gagliasso also liked a comment that detonated the performance of Lilia Cabral, who played the villain Valentina Marsala, Gabriel’s mother.

“Applause for Bruno Gagliasso. Lilia Cabral left something to be desired in this scene. What a shame!” wrote spectator Margarida Antonucci, referring to the scene in which Valentina declared war on Gabriel.

Coincidence or not, Bruno Gagliasso chose not to renew his agreement with Globo after O Sétimo Guardian. Recently, the actor declared that he no longer sees himself acting in soap operas.

“I have a lot of affection and respect for the segment because it was part of my construction as an actor and human being. But the cycle has closed. I don’t see myself acting in soap operas anymore”, declared the actor to the F5 website, during the awards ceremony of the 21st Brazilian Cinema Grand Prix.



Bruno Gagliasso is one of the stars of Santo, a new Netflix series. It is a Spanish police production that tells the story of Santo, a drug trafficker whose face has never been revealed, and who is investigated by two federal police officers, Cardona (Gagliasso) and Millán, who are the opposite of each other.

Directed by Gonzalo López-Gallego and Vicente Amorim, the series is the first Netflix original project carried out between Brazil and Spain.

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