Richarlison criticizes the use of a national team shirt as a political symbol

Richarlison talked about Sele's shirt
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Richarlison spoke about the Brazilian National Team shirt as a political instrument

Richarlison was a starter in Tottenham’s 2-0 defeat by Sporting, this Tuesday (13), for the second round of the 2022/23 Champions League group stage.

After the match, the forward met journalists in the mixed area of ​​the Estdio Alvalade and, asked by Marcus Alves, criticized the way in which the Brazilian team’s shirt has been used as a political symbol.

“Today, people take a lot [a camisa] to the political side. This makes us lose the identity of the shirt and the yellow flag,” she said.

Signed by Tottenham this season, Richarlison has been in Europe, more specifically in England, since 2017, when he joined Watford. Since then, he has also spent time at Everton before joining Spurs.

According to him, his role as a player will bring identification with the Brazilian team and our football to the rest of the world.

“I think it’s important that I, as a player, fan and Brazilian, try to take this identification to the whole world. It’s important to recognize that Brazilian people have Brazilian blood and to take that to the world,” he said.

Shortly after the release of the Brazilian team’s shirts, in August, for the World Cup, Richarlison participated in an action by Nike, supplier of sporting goods to the CBF. The athlete appeared wearing the new yellow uniform during a visit to the Pantanal.

In recent years, the yellow shirt, that is, the main shirt of the Brazilian team, has been seen as a symbol of political manifestation, mainly to reinforce nationalism.

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