Russian President Putin is allegedly targeted by attack: newspaper

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A limousine carrying Russian President Vladimir Putin was allegedly attacked in an assassination attempt on the head of state. According to the website The Sunsources linked to the leader reported that the vehicle was hit by a “rumbling” in the right front wheel, followed by “heavy smoke”.

Despite the attempted attack, the head of state was unharmed, but the vehicle he was in was reportedly taken by his security team. Still according to the report, there were several arrests by his security service after the incident.

The General GVR channel on Telegram reported that the incident took place as Putin was returning to his official residence, in the limousine surrounded by five other armored security vehicles.

The channel said: “On the way to the residence, a few kilometers away, the first escort car was blocked by an ambulance, [e] the second escort car rolled non-stop [devido ao] sudden obstacle and during obstacle avoidance”.

The Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) general claimed that Putin’s car “despite control problems” left the scene of the attack to reach the security of the residence, and added that, “subsequently, the body of a man was found in the ambulance, which blocked the first car in the motorcade.”

The newspaper also reported that on the Telegram channel, the message said that the president’s chief bodyguard and several other people were suspended and are in custody, because “a small circle of people knew about the president’s movement in this procession, and everyone were from the presidential security service.”

According to the message, “after the incident, three of them disappeared. These were exactly the people who were in the first car in the entourage. […] Their fate is currently unknown. The car they were traveling in was found empty a few kilometers from the incident.”

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