Ryan Reynolds loses bet, films colonoscopy and discovers polyp; he understands

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds

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Ryan Reynolds shared this Tuesday, 13, a video in which it performs a colonoscopywhich can detect colorectal cancer. During his trip to the hospital, he discovered that he had a polyp and that the procedure may have saved his life.

Beside Rob McElhenneyhis friend and co-owner of the Welsh football team Wrexham, the actor said the two made a bet: if McElhenney could learn to speak the Welsh language, Reynolds would have to share his colonoscopy with the public.

Despite the joke, the actors highlighted the importance of performing the exam. “Rob and I are turning 45 this year. Part of reaching that age is getting a colonoscopy. It’s a simple procedure that can literally save your life,” Reynolds said.

The actor then recorded his visit to the hospital, with the aim of raising awareness of the need to be tested. During the video, a doctor explains that the procedure is very simple and takes about half an hour.

At colonoscopy, a catheter with a microcamera is inserted into the anus to examine the inner walls of the intestine. Suspicious tissue, such as polyps, may be removed for a later biopsy.

This is exactly what happened to Reynolds: while performing the exam, he discovered a “very subtle polyp”, which was later removed. According to the doctor, the test potentially saved the actor’s life.

Even with the bet, Rob McElhenney also filmed his colonoscopy and, thanks to the exam, discovered three polyps. According to doctors, they weren’t big, but they could be removed, just like Reynolds’s.

Check out the video:

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