Santos Council approves statute changes; see main points

The Deliberative Council of Santos discussed and voted on changes to the club’s statute on Monday night (12). The conduction was carried out by the board of the Council together with the Statute Committee, which prepared the opinion on the amendments sent by the councilors.

Among the main changes are the reduction of members of the Deliberative Council to 150 elective members (currently the number is around 240), reduction of the members of the Management Committee to five members (currently there are nine), increase in the term of membership three years to vote (currently it is one year), adequacy of the statute for SAF, punishment if the management delays payments for two consecutive months or not, among others.

The text of the opinion was approved. However, two amendments were voted on separately: one had 98 votes and the other 99 votes. The board of the Council will assess whether these two amendments are procedurally correct. They can be added if they are correct, and a final wording should be sent to the directors this Thursday (15).

After this final wording, the president will set the date of the General Assembly in which the members will vote in a hybrid way (online and in person) whether or not to approve the change to the Bylaws. Amendment by amendment will not be voted on, but the text as a whole. The expectation is that this vote of the associates happens until the month of November.

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