Santos Management Committee does not give in to the demand and vetoes the hiring of Vanderlei Luxemburgo

Santos seeks new coach after Lisca’s dismissal, but Vanderlei Luxemburgo’s name was dropped

Looking for a new technician after leaving LiscaO saints considered the name of Vanderlei Luxemburgo. However, the option was vetoed by the club’s Management Committee.

The information was given by commentator Fábio Sormani during the F90 this Wednesday (14), at ESPN.

As president Andrés Rueda cannot override the Committee’s decision, Luxa’s name is discarded, and Peixe will have to look for a new option.

According to information provided by Vinícius Nicoletti, a reporter for ESPNthe CG veto came mainly because the idea of ​​Vanderlei continuing as coach in 2023 was not accepted.

The group wanted him to be interim coach until the end of the season, taking on a management role with the team next year.

However, Luxemburgo would like to accumulate the positions of coach and football manager from now on, starting a project aimed at next season.

Therefore, the Management Committee said “no”, and now Alvinegro will continue in the market in search of another option.

Meanwhile, the beach team will be commanded on an interim basis by Orlando Ribeiro, from the under-20 squad.

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