Series B: Cruzeiro has an average audience greater than in ‘magical years’ in the elite

Cruzeiro fans have been an ally of the club in successful years at Mineir

Cruzeiro fans have been an ally of the club in successful years at Mineiro

In this Series B of the Brazilian Championship, Cruzeiro had strong support from the fans and accounts for an average of 38,721 paying players in home matches – a higher number than in the last three seasons in which Raposa was champion of the national football elite, in 2003, 2013 and 2014.

In the current edition of the Second Division, Fox has 580,829 payers in 15 games in their domains. In eight games, the audience was over 40 thousand people.

The record for Cruzeiro in this campaign was recorded in the tie with Cricima, by 1 to 1, on September 4:

At Independência, which holds less than 23,000 fans, Raposa played twice: victories over Grmio (1-0), on May 8, and Nutico (4-0), on September 26.

The celestial team also played a match in Brasilia (1-1 against Chapecoense, on September 13). These three duels registered lower ticket sales and made the average for Paulo Pezzolano’s team drop.
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In the year of the Triple Crown, in 2003, Cruzeiro played all the matches in Mineiro – which at that time admitted about 75 thousand people. The average of the celestial public during the first Brazilian by consecutive points was 26,758 thousand paying.

The match that had the biggest capacity was the victory over Paysandu, by 2 to 1, with 73,141 fans. Another duel in which Mineiro was covered in blue took place on September 20, against Santos. It was practically an early final, since Peixe was fighting for the title with Vanderlei Luxemburgo’s team, which won the Praiano 3-0.


In 2013, Cruzeiro surprised and made a historic campaign, taking 549,300 fans to the Gigante da Pampulha – an average of 28,911.

That season, the celestial club had to play a few games at Independência and Arena do Jacar, in addition to Parque do Sabi.

As Mineiro was already renovated for the World Cup, the maximum audience dropped to around 62 thousand people. The biggest crowd of that year was registered in the victory over Grmio, by 3 to 0, on November 10: 56,854 fans.

In 2014, Cruzeiro managed to surpass the numbers of the previous year. In all, 564,137 paying players participated in the games as home team – an average of 29,691.

The largest audience was registered in the 2-0 victory over Goiás, on November 23rd.

Another game that received more than 50,000 people was the confrontation with Internacional (2-1), in which 51,944 fans were at the Gigante da Pampulha.

Imbrglio with Minas Arena

In 2013 and 2014, Cruzeiro was in a declared war with Minas Arena, allowing the concessionaire to sell tickets only at prices higher than those charged by the club itself.

This alienated the fans from the sector managed by the stadium operator, reducing the average attendance in these two seasons.

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