Stellar Blade, former Project Eve, gets a new trailer

State of Play brought more news about Project Eve. The game gained a name and is now called Stellar Blade. In addition, Sony announced that the title has become a PS5 exclusive.

Regarding the change, Kim Hyung Tae, director of Shift Up Corp., said that “Stellar”, which means “stellar”, meaning relative to stars, and “Blade”, which means “blade”, something that defines existence. of Eve, the protagonist. The players’ mission is simple: guide this blade to fulfill its role.

Watch the trailer for Stellar Blade below:

In Stellar Blade, you will have to protect the city of Xion

A threat called NA:tive invaded planet Earth and the last city left standing was Xion. Eve will help rebuild this stronghold alongside a survivor named Adam. Together with Orcal, they will have to fight menacing bosses.

In the quest to save Earth from the invaders known as NA:tive, Eve can also help the people of Xion, but it’s up to you as you play to decide whether or not to do so.

Still on the game’s bosses, the developer promises challenging and strategic confrontations. Succeeding in these battles and proceeding through the story will be important to understanding how Eve feels about the events along the journey. Did you like the proposal?

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