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The program of the Jô Podcast edition of this Monday, 12, spoke with tattoo artist Kassio Kayano, 33 years old. The professional talked about his work in the city, working at the Acre Piercing studio, his plans for the future and gave tips for those who want to get their first or next tattoo.

Born in Cruzeiro do Sul, he started drawing at the age of 9 and got his first tattoo at the age of 13. He currently resides in Santa Catarina, where he intends to expand his services. It has a more commercial art style, with fine strokes, such as names and phrases in black and gray colors.

Kassio revealed what men and women look for the most and said that unlike before, when he started, he did works with a more oriental style, such as flowers and carp, but today the search is for more realistic things.

“The first tattoo that women look for is the name of their father or mother, then they move on to a phrase or a drawing, a tribute to a person they want to immortalize. Men, on the other hand, are looking for a more aesthetic lineage, which has the false myth that tattoos make you stronger, something that catches other people’s attention,” she declared.

Regarding the care that must be taken first of all, the tattoo artist said that it is necessary to know who will perform the procedure with, if they sterilize the products and discard the materials and how to treat the tattoo for better healing. “The place is an open cut, so you have to be very careful, you have to be fully prepared to start this process. I use totally disposable materials, the only part we use that is sterilized is in the application of piercings”

Responsibilities continue after the work is done, such as not consuming alcoholic beverages, eating healthy, using anesthetic ointments, not exposing yourself to the sun and not participating in baths with pools, for example.

Kayano also spoke about prejudices, modernity in the area, things and moments that make it impossible or not to tattoo, and people known in the state who have already tattooed, such as presenter Jocely Abreu, singer Rangel, influencers Raissa Ribeiro and Maxine , between others.

And when does that regret hit? As a tribute that couples pay to each other, with the person’s face or name, Kassio indicates reform or camouflage, which would be like a camouflage with paint with an approximate tone of skin color.

“It’s like you’re tattooing again, but you’re actually applying a shade of ink that’s very close to the person’s skin, a coverage. Then we do the camouflage, the whitening and if the person wants to do another tattoo on top”, he highlighted.

Asked if he has already done work on peculiar parts of the body, such as that of the artist Anitta, who had an intimate tattoo on her butt, Kayano said that he did not and hopes that he would continue with this answer, but that his team accepts to do any and all work they seek.

“Thank God I didn’t get any tattoos like that, but I usually do it near the groin, on the side of the hip, which is something that is very high, people who like to wear a bikini ask to do the ‘fire’ or ‘pepper’. In the Coccyx, like ‘beat’, ‘love’, things like that,” he declared.

Watch this week’s Jô Edition Podcast program and learn more about the world of tattoos.


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