Three billionaire companies from Joinville are in the ranking of the Best and Biggest 2022

Exame’s Best and Biggest 2022 ranking listed the groups of billionaire companies in Brazil. The list was released this Monday, 12, based on net sales revenue for 2021. Among the 1000 largest in the country, 35 companies are from Santa Catarina and 10 of them are from Joinville.

Among those from Joinville are names like Focus Sul, Rôgga, Franklin Electric, Panatlântica Catarinense, Koerich, Metal Group, Tupy, Clamed, Schulz and Whirlpool, which has a hub in the city.

As for companies from Santa Catarina, the first is Weg, from Jaraguá do Sul, with revenue of R$ 23.6 billion. The first to appear on the Joinville list is Tupy, with 4.2 billion, in 110th position.

The business indicator excludes expenses, cancellations and taxes on sales, taking into account net sales revenue. If the research were carried out with the gross revenue from sales, which would be the billing, the number of companies in Santa Catarina would increase.

In the survey, released by Exame, the year 2021 was a time of resumption of economic activity, driven by the arrival of the vaccine against Covid-19. According to the magazine, all 16 sectors evaluated registered an increase in revenue.

Check out the companies from Santa Catarina:

Company Revenue
Metal Group2.2B
Granja Faria919.0M
Eugenio Raulino Koerich575.6M
Archer supermarket 573.6
Senior 515M
Porto Itapoá490.2M
Santa Catarina Panatlantic445.5M
Rocha Terminals 441.7M
Distribution Agenda436.7M
FG Brazil 408.3M
Franklin Electric 400.4M
Vequis Trading 368.3M
Rogga 294.4M
Focus South 81.0M

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