Tite can take charge of the Brazilian giant in 2023, who has ‘card’ up his sleeve to close with the coach

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Coach is leaving the national team after the World Cup

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Tite can surprise everyone and agree on his return to Brazilian football for the year 2023. The coach, currently under the command of the Brazilian National Team, has already announced that he will leave the command of Amarelinha after the World Cup and, despite the looks to the Europe, the future may be, again, being a coach on Brazilian soil.

It is not news for any fan that Tite will leave the command of the Selection. The World Cup will be the coach’s last competition against Brazil, which, in turn, is already looking to some names in the market for the coach’s place.

With an eye on the player’s future, the Corinthians could be coach Tite’s next destination. Timão dreams of the coach’s return amid the departure of Vitor Pereira, at the end of his contract and, because of his family, he may be returning to Europe.

To have Tite, Corinthians knows that it will not be such an easy task, since the coach has already lived his peak in Brazil and now looks to Europe. However, according to the ‘Lance!’ portal, the São Paulo club can weigh the sentimental side of the coach and use the names of Roberto de Andrade and Alessandro to convince Tite to return to Itaquera’s club.


In Europe, Tite has big eyes to train in La Liga. Italy is also in the coach’s sights, as is Portugal. A few years ago, elite clubs even asked about the coach, such as PSG and Real, but an agreement did not move forward.

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