With Eliana’s departure, SBT wants Angélica to take over the channel’s Sundays | TV

Another chapter in the novel of the possible departure from Eliana of SBT. This time, a strong name appears as a possible reinforcement in the Sunday programming of Silvio Santos’ channel. Angelica was being probed to take on a program on the channel’s schedule, after her colleague’s probable departure to TV Globo.

According to information from journalist Rafael Pessina, columnist for the program Melhor da Tarde na Band, the name of Angélica has around the corridors of SBT as a possible alternative to the broadcaster’s Sundays. If Eliana’s departure takes place, Silvio Santos’ channel must reorganize its grid.

Celso Portiolli, who already has a consolidated and successful program on SBT, should take over the space left by Eliana. With the maneuver, contrary to what has been ventilated, instead of choosing Patrícia Abravanel as Eliana’s replacement, Silvio’s daughter must continue in charge of her father’s program. Alternatively, Angélica should arrive at SBT.

The blonde, who was already on the channel in the 90s, would be an alternative to SBT for Sunday mornings. “The talk that goes on inside is that they’re going to get Celso Portiolli with Domingo Legal, they’re going to get on the grid and play for part of the afternoon […] And they’ll bring someone else back to SBT for Sunday mornings,” Pessina began live on Catia Fonseca’s show.

Then, the journalist detailed that the presenter is Angélica: “Angelica! She is very good at games.” Catia Fonseca even recalled that in recent years there has been interest in the media in having Angélica back on the channel, but as a different program proposal. The famous would be responsible for a new phase on the channel.

Finally, the columnists of Melhor da Tarde recalled Angélica’s participation in the “Programa de Todos os Programas”, by Flávio Ricco and Dani Bavoso. At the time, she commented that she is interested in returning to TV, mainly because she feels very uneasy about being out of the vehicle she has been in for so many decades. See the full version of Best of the Afternoon, below:

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