YouTube starts testing five mandatory pre-video ads

If you’re one of those people who wants to die when YouTube includes mandatory advertising before the video, get ready to test your patience even further. The video platform is quietly testing the initial display of five ads in a row – and none of them are “skippable”.

Well, maybe not so “discreetly”: several users of the free version of YouTube have already been impacted and have started to address the subject on social networks, with prints that prove the long sequence of advertisements.

“2 ads weren’t enough, now y’all want to run 5 ads that nobody cares AND I CAN’T SKIP?” wrote one Twitter user.

A response to this post came from the official YouTube account on the network, which published that this “could happen” with an ad format called “bumper ads”. But the platform justified itself by saying that they have “only 6 seconds”.

The logic is that, currently, YouTube already displays two ads in a row that, together, last 30 seconds. So these, these “bumper ads” mean an increase in the number of these ads, but not in the waiting time to be able to watch the selected video.

The impression, however, is still negative.

“YouTube just gave me 5 long non-skippable ads,” wrote another person on Twitter. And, despite the clarification of the official YouTube profile, there are those who report having found up to 11 consecutive ads in the tests being conducted with the “bumper ads”.

In social networks, it is also discussed whether it is a strategy by Google, the company that owns YouTube, to try to get more subscribers to the Premium version of the platform, not showing ads.

Still, it is not known if the novelty is really just a test or if it is here to stay. The negative repercussion on the networks can help the company to give up the idea.

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