A Fazenda 14: After Bia Miranda’s comment, Ingrid Ohara is strange with the peoa and netizens react: “She has the people”


The confined ended up falling out after the arrival of Gretchen’s granddaughter at the headquarters of the rural reality show

Images: Playback/RecordTV.
Images: Playback/RecordTV.

During last night, Thursday (15), Ingrid Ohara and Bia Miranda played another role in one of the disagreements in “A Fazenda 14”. It all happened when Gretchen’s granddaughter was one of those chosen by the public to leave Paiol and join the other members of the program.

The climate began during a dynamic between those who were in the Paiol and those confined at the headquarters. Bia needed to choose a sign to say what she thought of the influencer, and selected the “mute” option. “I know her from the neighboring dance app and I think she is a very disrespectful person.declared the participant.

However, shortly afterward, Ingrid vented to the other workers and revealed that she did not intend to speak with Bia if she was selected by the viewers to leave the store. “I wouldn’t talk to her, no. So, she entering, right? I was going to see what she was going to say. The two of them would not speak.”she said.

As soon as Miranda entered the headquarters and went to greet the other confined, Ohara went to her and said: “You don’t even know me, and you’re talking shit about me!”. However, they did not continue the discussion. During the live, Adriane Galisteu asked her to explain herself. “She doesn’t even know me, she doesn’t know anything about my history and she called me dehumilde. She saw me go through her feed and called me dehumilde. It’s something that happens, and I feel bad for people to judge me without knowing my story.“, she said.

On social media, several netizens came out in support of Bia, showing a preference for Gretchen’s granddaughter. “She doesn’t have the people from headquarters, she doesn’t have style, but she has the people, she’s people like us, Bia Miranda, the terror of Ingrid Ohara.”commented one person. “I know it’s wrong, but I’m loving that Ingrid Ohara with millions of followers felt uncomfortable because Bia Miranda, a simple public school student, with her gel nails and reggae bracelet, said she thinks she lacks humility .”provoked another netizen.

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