Accused of disappearing with money, goalkeeper Bruno’s crowdfunding has already raised R$ 24 thousand – Capital

Bruno's defense denied that the athlete fled with the amount collected in virtual crowdfunding.  (Photo: Goalkeeper's Social Media)
Bruno’s defense denied that the athlete fled with the amount collected in virtual crowdfunding. (Photo: Goalkeeper’s Social Media)

The crowdfunding created by beautician Ingrid Calheiros, wife of goalkeeper Bruno Fernandes das Dores de Souza, to pay child support, the result of the athlete’s relationship with model Eliza Samudio, has already raised R$ 24, 878.39.00. The final value of the virtual help is R$ 90 thousand. Bruno’s name was once again a subject on social media after the site focusing (SBT) announced that the goalkeeper would have fled with the money raised.

In a note, the goalkeeper’s defense denied the accusation, released on the morning of this Thursday (15), where it clarifies that the value is in the possession of the family, but that it will be used to pay the debts with the son. Check part of the text.

“Bruno has not disappeared, and the money raised will be used to partially fulfill the food obligation. Bruno desperately seeks to collect the amount due to pay the amount due.

And at no time did it cross his mind to fail to comply with his legal obligations. He also clarifies that he needs to work to fulfill his obligations and for that reason his arrest for food debt will not contribute to his honoring his commitments “, said lawyer Wilton Edgar Sá.

On social media, the goalkeeper announced that he would do a Live, this Thursday, at 8 pm (Brasilia time). The Campo Grande News report tried to contact the defense of the grandmother, Sônia Samudio, legal guardian of the couple’s son, to verify the information and check if any amount has already been deposited for the boy. There was also an attempt to contact Sônia’s lawyer, but until the end of this report we had not received a response.

Bruno was sentenced to 23 years in prison for the murder of Eliza Samudio, he spent 10 years in prison, but is now serving his sentence in an open regime. The crime would have happened in February 2010, but the young woman’s body was never found.

As reported by Campo Grande News, in four days the crowdfunding raised R$20,000. At the time, 259 people helped the goalkeeper virtually.

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