After controversy at Rock in Rio, Mano Brown’s daughter and boyfriend break silence and release the dogs on the web


Domenica and Danilo were attacked on the last day of the music festival in Rio de Janeiro

left photo  (Mano Brown's official Instagram).  photo right  (Official Instagram of Domenica Dias).
left photo (Mano Brown’s official Instagram). photo right (Official Instagram of Domenica Dias).

Recently, a video began to circulate on the web in which Domenica Dias, son of rapper Mano Brown, and Danilo Mesquitaher boyfriend, in a mess at Rock in Rio. After the images were released on the web, the heiress of the famous and her lover decided to go public.

According to the young woman’s reports, she was a victim of racism on the last day of the musical event. “My boyfriend and I were on the dance floor watching the show when a couple, visibly upset, settled in front of us. At the exact moment when five other black singers took the stage, the woman, pretending to be dancing, pushed me, stepped on the my feet and threw himself on top of me on purpose. Even with the insistence on aggression, I only tried to dodge it every time.”she began saying.

“To avoid any confusion, Danilo hugged me and made a barrier with his arms so that she wouldn’t hit me anymore, at which point she turned against us and asked why we were touching her. We replied that we were in our corner, which was her who was hurting me and that we didn’t want trouble. At this moment, the man who accompanied her, cowardly, punched Danilo in the face. Instinctively, I tried to react to the aggression and was hit in the eye. Then the couple, cowardly, disappeared into the crowd.” she continued, detailing the aggression suffered.

Finally, the famous also reported that the woman who appears in the video was not related to the crime. “The woman who appears in the video screaming at Danilo, it is important to say, had nothing to do with the aggression suffered minutes before. But she raged that the two of us were causing a mess on the show. suffered, our indignation and sense of injustice increased even more. Together with other people who saw the cowardice we went through, we explained, exalted and with reason to her and the other people around that we were the victims of the situation, especially me “said.

On social media, the couple gained support from several people, including some famous ones. “Sad and absurd what you have suffered”, commented one person. Another follower went further and said: “It’s sad that we still face this kind of situation”. “All my support to you”said a third.

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