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Atlético-MG has doubts about the formatting of the starting lineup to face Avaí, and will carry an alert for the game against Santa Catarina this Saturday. Coach Cuca has six players hanging with an accumulation of yellow cards. If any of them take one more, it will be missing against Palmeiras.

Galo meets Lisca Doido again in the next round of the Brasileirão

Galo meets Lisca Doido again in the next round of the Brasileirão

Rooster hangers: Everson, Hulk, Keno, Mariano, Nacho Fernández and Rubens

From the list, only two names are considered reserves – Nacho and Rubens. However, both are important pieces on the bench, even more so since Guilherme Arana will not play for the rest of the season (knee injury), and his reserve Dodô has little physical ballast this year. In addition, Zaracho also lives with muscle wasting.

Keno during Atlético-MG training; left end is hanging with two yellow ones — Photo: Pedro Souza/CAM

In the case of the hanging holders, Hulk remains a doubt to face Avaí. The player suffered a calf injury against Atlético-GO, two rounds ago in the Brazilian, and is in a recovery phase. In the best of scenarios, Hulk could have been yellowed against Dragon, and would have served the automatic suspension in the game in which he was already a certain absence, against Bragantino.

“Bora de Brasileirão! The biggest offer of games for a price that gives game. Sign the Premiere!”

— Photo: Reproduction

Atlético will not have embezzlement by card against Avaí, this Saturday. However, the DM list is extensive: Hulk, Zaracho, Kardec and Otávio are doubts; Igor Rabello and Guilherme Arana have knee injuries and will no longer play in 2022; and Pedrinho, with a thigh injury, is also at risk of not being used during the season.

After Avai, Atlético will have another long period of training. He only returns to the field against leader Palmeiras, on September 28, at Mineirão. The other weekend will be without official matches, due to the last two FIFA Dates before the World Cup in Qatar.

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