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It’s not for lack of finishing. It lacks efficiency. Atlético-MG is the second team with the most shots in the Brazilian Championship. However, it does not feature prominently in the ranking of use. One of the reasons for the club’s irregular campaign in the competition.

GE wants to know: despite the setbacks, has Galo been playing well with Cuca?

GE wants to know: despite the setbacks, has Galo been playing well with Cuca?

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In a survey carried out by Statistical Spyof ge, Galo has 427 submissions in the 26 rounds played. Only the leader Palmeiras completed more on goal: 432.

However, when evaluating the efficiency of the teams, Atlético is well below. While the paulistas have 43 goals scored, the mineiros have 34. In other words, Palmeiras scores a goal every 10.05 shots. Already the Rooster every 12.56.

Overcoming the opposing goal has been a difficulty for the Rooster — Photo: Twitter Mineirão

Atlético’s productivity is also below the other members of the G-6, their main rivals in this final stretch of the Brasileirão. Outside the cups, Galo aims to be in the classification zone for the next Libertadores, preferably a direct spot to the group stage, today the G-4, but which can be expanded, as well as the G-6, until the end of the season. .

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Internacional (2nd place), Flamengo (3rd), Fluminense (4th), Corinthians (5th) and Athletico-PR (6th) finish less than Atlético, but have better effectiveness. Who needs less shots to swing the net is Inter: 8.27 shots. See below the comparative table between Galo and the opponents of the G-6.

Ranking by efficiency in Serie A

teamsGamessubmissionsAverage shots per gamegoalsOne goal for every X shots
palm trees2643216.624310.05

Defender Junior Alonso analyzed this moment of the team. Since Cuca’s arrival, there are nine games, he sees Atlético better in the matches, however, failing in the finalizations.

– Apart from the first half against Internacional, we always played better, with more possession, more shots. We’re having maybe a little bit of bad luck, because we have 20, 22 shots per game and we score a goal. The opponent arrives twice and scores a goal.

Cuca, Atlético-MG coach — Photo: Pedro Souza / Atlético-MG

In a press conference, after the tie with Bragantino, by 1 to 1, at Mineirão, in the last round, coach Cuca was asked about what is needed for the team to hit the finalization of the plays. He cited the emotional as one of the obstacles to the decision-making of athletes.

– In Goiânia, we had more than 12 shots and scored two goals. Against Bragantino, more than 20 and we scored one. It’s not about the lack of work, it’s very emotional. I played, I remember that, many times, when I was in a bad moment, for me, it was more complicated to do the simple. We have great players who can earn a lot more and aren’t. But it’s not because they don’t want to. It’s that emotional. It doesn’t matter if you’re 18, 20 or 35, the emotional plays in there.

Atlético returns to the field this Saturday. Face Avaí at 4:30 pm in Ressacada. Galo, seventh place, seeks reaction to get closer to the G-6. Santa Catarina is in the relegation zone, in 18th position.

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Galo na Veia – Atlético-MG Membership Program — Photo: Disclosure

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