AUXÍLIO BRASIL CONSIGNATED LOAN today 09/15: Loan starts this week?

Currently, many Brazilians who are in the Brazil aid are awaiting the release of the payroll loan of the program this week. The new credit modality can be released at any time.

According to information from the Minister of Citizenship, Ronaldo Bento, the Auxílio Brasil payroll loan is very close to being released to Brazilians who are in the social program. Currently, the credit goes through the last adjustments to be operated by banks and made available to contracting parties with all the rules defined.

The forecast is that the consignment of Auxílio Brasil will be released at any time. There is even the possibility that this week the beneficiaries of Auxílio Brasil will be able to contract the payroll loan.

“The law was passed, sanctioned by the president, and then the president signed a decree. The ordinance, the system for granting, licensing, homologation of these companies, a series of documents as well. I believe that by the beginning of next month (September) everything will be regulated”, informed the minister.

How will the Auxílio Brasil loan work and who will be able to hire?

The payroll loan may be contracted by the beneficiaries of the Brazil aid. The payment of the credit will be automatically deducted from the benefit of the person who hired it. According to the rules of the modality, each beneficiary may commit up to 40% of its aid.

When requesting the payroll loan, the beneficiary will undergo a credit analysis by the bank that is operating the modality, to find out if the beneficiary holder of the benefit can have access to the values.

Which banks will operate the new loan?

According to the minister, about 17 banks are confirmed to operate the payroll loan from the Brazil Aid.

“Today we already have almost 17 financial institutions approved by the Ministry of Citizenship that are able to grant payroll loans. It is a number that shows the interest of the market in making consigned credit available to this population”, he said.

Some banks have already confirmed the credit operation as of September, such as Caixa Econômica Federal, Banco Pan, Banco Safra, BMG, Daycoval and Facta Financeira.

According to Banco Agi, the release of the modality is confirmed. “Agi already offers payroll-deductible loans to beneficiaries of the INSS and now it also offers to beneficiaries of the Brazil aid”, said the institution.

However, some institutions have already confirmed that they will not participate in the credit operation, such as Banco Bradesco. Banco Itaú and Santander also confirmed that they will not carry out the service.

Current calendar of Auxílio Brasil of R$600

  • NIS ending in 1 – Received on September 19;
  • NIS ending in 2 – Receives September 20th;
  • NIS ending in 3 – Receives September 21st;
  • NIS ending in 4 – Receives on September 22;
  • NIS ending in 5 – Receives September 23;
  • NIS ending on 6 – Receives on September 26;
  • NIS ending on 7 – Receives on September 27;
  • NIS ending on 8 – Receives on September 28;
  • NIS ending on 9 – Receives on September 29;
  • NIS ending in 0 – Received on September 30th.

How to check payments?

By phone

  • The beneficiary can call the Ministry of Citizenship’s telephone number 121;
  • In addition, the beneficiary can also call the Caixa service center, by phone 111.

by apps

  • First, in the Auxílio Brasil app (available for free download for Android and iOS);
  • Finally, in the Caixa Tem app (available for free download for Android and iOS).

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