Bella Campos reveals an alligator bite during the recording of ‘Pantanal’ | celebrities

Bella Campos said she was bitten by an alligator in the Pantanal Reproduction/GNT

Published 09/15/2022 18:00 | Updated 09/15/2022 18:09

Rio – Interpreter of Muda in “Pantanal”, Bella Campos told in the program “What story is this, Porchat?”, from GNT, that she suffered a tear in her left leg after being bitten by an alligator on her last trip to Mato Grosso do South, in the Midwest region, where part of the nine o’clock soap opera is recorded.

“It opened its mouth wide. It was very big, it was a ‘mega-alligator’. It grabbed my leg. And here’s the eye part. It bites and turns. There’s a tear down here because the lower teeth are finer. Then, they tear on impact. And the back penetrates real”, he detailed.

Scared, the actress hit the animal to drive it away. “It was very bizarre because you never know how you’re going to react. I screamed, I said: ‘H…, an alligator bit me!’. That was my sentence. I got out of the water and sat down. When I looked, there was a hole, real. When people around me started to see it, then they believed”, he added.

Bella Campos also said that the problem was not greater because she took the necessary vaccines and requested by the broadcaster to travel to the region. “He saw if we would need it… If he had caught a vein, a muscle, I would have had to go to the city to fix it. Close to what could have been, it was superficial”, she concluded.

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